Monday, 7 July 2014

Wunderlist App

Good Morning!

As summer is approaching and most people are getting ready to jet off on their holidays, i thought it was a good opportunity to share my love with a certain app!
I am not normally a one, to love an app (unless its Instagram - i have a whole lot of love for that, but thats another story) but this one does everything i need without complication and confusion.

The app is called "Wunderlist" 
It lets you create lists and keep you organised. I love making lists, but i often find that i never have them with me when i actually need them or i have crossed so many things out that it looks a right mess and i can't even understand what i wrote down.

Here is my list for Disneyland Paris. I have made a heading for each catagory to make things less complicated and more organised. It also makes it more easy when packing. 

You are also able to set reminders, so that it will come up as a notification on your phone. I have set mine for the day before i go away and in the morning. I have done that because if i have forgotten anything, it gives me a reminder to go and get it!

There is also an option to put in the date in which you need the list to be completed by. So i have just put in the date i leave.

On of the things i get most excited about is that if you click on the little square, it will put a tick in the square and also cross it out! So you know what you have packed and what you still need to pack.

If you are packing everything in that category in one bag, you also have the option to click on the square next to the main heading and it will cross all of the list out down below!

There is also a little space at the bottom where you can add a file or write a quick note to remind yourself of something.

Once you have completed a category, you will see if has gone down to the bottom of the list in the completed section!

Its that quick and easy! 
I definitely think it also makes packing so much for fun, as lets face it, anything that is quicker and easy in packing i am up for trying.
You can download this from the apple app store - here
Oh, and did i mention this app is FREE! 

Don't forget to look our for my blog post tomorrow, if you want to have a sneak peak inside my wash bag..

Happy organising!

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