Monday, 30 June 2014

June Monthly Favourites

Welcome to my June monthly faves!

I am going to share with you, what i have been loving throughout the month of June!


For blusher i have been loving the No7 'Pop & Glow' cream blush in Rose Blossom. It comes out quite shocking when you swatch it on your hand but once rubbed in it looks so natural and flushed. It's definitely my god send in the mornings when I'm running late for work!

I have been loving three lipsticks this month. I have been alternating between the three of them. Two of them are from the No7 Sheer Temptation line in Cuckoo Coral which is a beautiful orange, coral shade and the other in Blooming Pink which is a beautiful bright but slightly darker coloured pink. They are also very moisturising on the lips - bonus.
The other lipstick i have been reaching for is Lavish Pink by Estee Lauder (unfortunately this shade has been discontinued). This is a very beautiful  light pink that is slightly sheer. I think its perfect for the summer months when you want something on your lips but you don't want anything too heavy or bold. 

Skin care

I have not tried a face mask that i love as much as this one. It is the Soap and Glory No Cloggs Allowed. I adore products that you can feel work on your skin, and this is a self heating detox mask and it feels amazing. Also my skin feels super soft once i take it off. I use it once a week just before i am going to shower and i then normally just wash it off in the shower.

The last skin care product is The Body Shop's shower gel in Passion Fruit. I brought this in the Christmas sale because i thought it would be perfect to use in the summer. I started using it for the first time this month and the smell is incredible! It definitely reminds me of summer. If you don't like fruity senses, then i would stay clear of this one.


My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Soft Grey has been my go to handbag this month. I reach for it every time i leave the house. It is the absolute perfect size for summer because it fits my keys, phone, purse and a few make-up items in there with still some room to spare!


I am a big lover of candles. I just think they make a room much more appealing when it smells lovely! I also find it hard to get summer candles that appeal to me. I am loving this one, by the Botanical Collection in Lemon Mint Flower (sold in Clinton Cards). I can't quite explain the smell, it's once of those where you have to go into the shop and take a big whiff! The scent isn't as strong when it's burning, it is very subtle, but i quite like that in the summer as you don't want something too over powering.

I have also been loving two DVD's and both for completely different reasons!
I have been really into trying to get healthier and fitter, ready for the summer (well any season really!) and Josie Gibson's 30 second slim is definitely playing a big part in helping me get there! I am on my third week doing this DVD and i am definitely seeing a chance in my body. I started out not being able to complete level one, embarrassingly i gave up half way through!! But i am now feeling like i am ready to tackle level 2!

The next is Orange Is The New Black. I am addicted to watching this programme! I absolutely love it and it never fails to make me laugh out loud. I am just coming to the end of series one (as i was late jumping on the band wagon) and i am so excited to watch series two!


As i am a majorly lover of food. I thought it deserved it's own heading and section! Metcalfe's sweet and salted popcorn is quite possibly the best popcorn i have ever tasted, and that my friends, is a pretty big statement! I never thought i would like it, as i am not a salted popcorn fan, but the combination together is amazing! I definitely urge you to go out and buy this popcorn and see for yourselves. If not for you, do it for your taste buds. They will thank you.

A book favourite

I am also very late on the band wagon with this one too. But nevertheless i am so hooked on the Divergent books! This isn't generally the kind of book i would reach out for and read. But since being bullied into reading the hunger games - and actually loving it, i thought i would give the much hyped about Divergent books a try. I have finished Divergent which i loved! I am now half way through Insurgent which is the second book in the trilogy. If you are looking for a book to read this summer, i suggest checking out the backs of these books because they are definitely ones that make you want to keep on reading!

What have you been loving this month?

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Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Fault In Our Stars

Good Evening!

(Image from google)

I was going to make this my Monday blog but i couldn't wait that long to share my thoughts with you all on the much hyped about novel and motion picture film 'The Fault in Our Stars'.

I am a major book worm, i love reading which slightly put me off reading The Fault in Our Stars. I suppose one of the reasons for this was because it was so hyped about and i thought my expectations were already so high that i wouldn't want it to fall beneath them. Another reason is that My Sisters Keeper is one of my all time favourite books (the stories aren't really that similar but they have the same basis). The film doesn't even touch on how amazing the book it, also the endings are completely different! But i caved and read the book. Disappointingly i wasn't ready to rave about this book once i had read it. Don't get me wrong, it was a good book and i enjoyed reading it but it did no where near live up the expectations that everyone is raving about. Which left me disappointed.

Then the film was released. I wasn't going to go and see it, because in my personal opinion the film can never beat the book. But my friend asked if i wanted to go and see it with her today so i agreed and off we went! I am going to be honest here and say that i have honestly never been to watch a film where the whole cinema is completely silent, you could of literally heard a pin drop. Which surprised me even more because when we first walked in, it was so loud from all the teenagers talking and giggling away to their friends. 

I had never heard of the main actors before, but i felt myself really connected with Hazel (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) and i thought there acting was incredible and so real. The whole basis around The Fault in Our Stars is very sensitive subject, sad and thought provoking but the film gives it a whole new meaning, it brings light hearted comedy from the main characters. My eyes were literally glued to the screen at all times, that's unless i was trying to blink away the tears from my eyes!

 (I can't seem to stop myself from having a cheeky ice blast during a cinema trip! But all this only cost me £4.50, so i thought that was a right bargain!)

I won't go into it too much as i would't want to spoil it for anyone who has not seen the film or the book. But i would definitely go back and watch the film again - i will be definitely be bringing the tissues with me next time though!

If you have read the book, like me, and didn't think it matched up to the hype, please don't rule out the movie completely. As it might change you're mind.

"If you want the rainbow, you have to deal with the rain"

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Thursday, 26 June 2014

Statement necklaces on a budget

Good Morning!

As we all know, statement necklaces have become quite a big accessory trend. They can transform an outfit and make everything look more put together and thought about. As the trend has become bigger, even on the high street you can look at paying £10 and upwards.
So i thought i would share with you some of the statement necklaces i have found recently and really affordable prices..

The first necklace that landed on my door step was this one.

Upon ordering, i thought this was a more mint green shade, which is completely my own fault for jumping to conclusions because no where did it state it was mint green. Just from the photo it looked more pastel then actual green. Either way, i still love the colour of this necklace and it just brings a pop of colour to any outfit that is looking at bit plain.

I also really like how the top of the necklace has been made to look like little flowers, with the green gem in the middle and the clear gems around the outside!

This cost me just £2.18, and they also have it in a range of different colours too! You can pick this up from here.

The next one that i received was this little beauty. I wanted a necklace that was more neutral colours so that it could go with a more colourful outfit.

This looks so pretty on and is really girly and feminine with the three flowers. 

I also really like how the chain part is actually made of rope, i think this makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is!

This cost me £2.29 and is also available in a variety of different colours. You can pick this up from here.

Last but not least is this beautiful necklace. This necklace is also the reason why i found all the others! I fell in love with a necklace which was listed on Boohoo but by the chance i got round to buying it, it was sold out! I waited a while and it seemed to make no appearance back on the site so i went to eBay to see if anyone had something similar or the same one.

I love everything about this necklace! I think it is just perfect for summer with the pastel pinks and mint greens.

I also like how some of the gem stones are light reflecting so it shows up different colours, depending upon what light you are in.

I think the ribbon also gives it that extra girly touch to it.

This was the most expensive out of the three necklaces as a whopping £2.52! You can get this from here.

I am very happy with all three necklaces, they all came really well packaged and all were delivered to me in one piece! They all took about a week and a half to get to me, which was less than the time they stated due to them not being within the United Kingdom. 

I would highly recommend these eBay sellers. I would also recommend shopping around as they often sell the same item but some are cheaper and some are more expensive. Also to look at their eBay seller rating - this shows what other eBayers have rated them.

Happy eBay shopping!
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Monday, 23 June 2014

Get Ready With Me - Summer Wedding

Good Morning!

I thought i would do something a little bit different. I always love watching "get ready with me" videos on YouTube, but since i don't have a YouTube channel, i thought i would do a blog version!
I attended a wedding on Saturday, it was such a beautiful day with the sun shining and i thought i would share with you some pictures.
So lets get started!

When i first work up, i used a tanning mitt and got rid of the pale pasty skin! I did this in the morning so that it had a chance to develop during the day.
Since i haven't been on holiday anywhere hot to get a tan and England doesn't provide such luxurys, i had to fake it!

I use Lauren's Way Darker than Dark, self tanning mouse and i love it! I think it gives such a lovely colour which looks natural and not orange. The only thing that annoys me about this product is that it washes off - really easily! So you have to be super careful not to splash yourself while washing you hands as you will more than likely end up with a white line where the water as run down - not a good look.

The first thing i did was take off all my make up that i wore during the day - hense the yucky makeup pads!
I used Garnier Cleansing Micellar Water to take off my make up. I am not a big fan of this product, don't get me wrong, it works but i just feel i need to rub a bit more to get my make up off. I much prefer Loreal Paris Micellar Solution as it is hardly any rubbing include, just hold the cotton pads over your eyes for a few seconds and bam! Most of the make up is already been took off.

I left my eyebrow's as they were but just slightly touched them up.

I then separated my hair into three sections with clips. I do this because i find it makes it easier to curl my hair and because i have a lot of it, it means that i won't accidentally miss a piece.

I used a big barrel curling wand from BaByliss, i especially like this one because of the size of the barrel. It is 38mm so it gives lovely loose curls.

I sprayed each section with Tony & Guy's heat protection spray - which smells amazing! To protect my hair from the heat. I also used Schwarzkopf got2be volumizing hair spray to keep my curls in place throughout the night.
When i had finished my hair, i just sprayed this Loreal TXT super sizing spray at my roots to give my hair a little bit more volume.

I just thought i would include a better picture of the curling wand in case anyone wanted to see it a bit closer.

After i curled each piece of hair, i used a bobby pin and with my hand under the curl, pushed it up so that the curl would hold together and then a pinned it up against my head, while i did my makeup. I find my curls also last longer in my hair if i do this technique.

I never worry if some of the curls all out this pins because it will then gives the curls different shapes which will make it look more natural.

These are the products which i used on my face.
I didn't use any foundation because i had already fake tanned my face and i thought putting foundation over the top might make it look too much and too heavy.

Urban Decay Naked 3 - I used mugshot as a base and darkside to create a slight smokey eye
No7 Sheer Temptation Lipstick - In the shade Blooming Pink
Loreal Color Infallible Eyeshadow - I used the shade Time Resist White as an inner corner highlight
Benefit High Beam - Which i used over the cheek bones, down the bridge of my nose and on my cupids bow
Too Face Better Than False Lashes - I always use this as more of a subtle look, when i think fake eyelashes may be a bit too much
Bourjois Blush - In the shade 33 Lilas D'or 
Mac Eyeshadow - I used the shade Keep Your Cool just to darken the smokey eye slightly

A few pictures of my makeup all finished. I forgot to take a picture but i also used Urban Decays All Nighter Setting Spray to make sure my makeup didn't budge throughout the night.

I also painted my nails to match my dress. I used the shade Ballet Pump Perfection from Rimmel

I painted my nails in the morning to prevent less stressing moments! As there have been so many times i have painted my nails that night and i have ran out of time and then they smudge and it just ends up being one big stressful experience. At least if they chip you have just top it up in the evening before you head out.

While getting ready, i love to have a glass of wine (rose is my favourite) and listen to the songs on my iTunes!

To finish off, i took all the pins out my hair and gave it one last spray of hair spray. I then sprayed my all time favourite perfume by Chanel, i only spray it on special occasions as i don't want to use it up! This one is Chanel Chance Eau Tendre.

Please excuse the fact i am squinting, it was very sunny and my eyes are very sensitive! 
I brought this dress at the Clothes Show back in December last year and i am unable to find it online.

My clutch bag is from Miss Selfridge (not available online)
Watch - Michael Kors

My shoes are from New Look

I also wore this much loved ring from Henri Bendel

I hope you also had a lovely weekend, and if your in England, i hope your making the most of the glorious sunshine! 

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Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fashion/Beauty Haul - June 2014

Good Morning!

I have been shopping over the last couple of weekends and i thought i would share with you some of the items that i have picked up. This is a mixed haul with both fashion and beauty items. 
So lets get stuck in!


The first place i went to was USC (formally Republic, even more confusing is that they are still using Republic bags!). I used to really like Republic and i found myself not really being drawn in when they changed over to USC, until last weekend that is when i was they had a 70% off sale. Thats enough to draw anyone in, I'm sure!
When i was in there i found myself being drawn to a few items, but i only came away with this playsuit. I love the different colours of blue that they have used and the little buttons down the front make it look really cute. I also thought the slightly longer sleeves made it look a bit different.

This is from the make Soul Cal and was originally priced at £25 but i managed to pick it up for £12.50! I picked up a size 10 and it fits me perfectly but i would suggest going more a bigger size if you are more busty as it is a little snug around the chest area. 
You can pick this up from here.


I have a slight love/hate relationship with H&M. Sometimes i will find absolutely everything and other times i can find nothing. I also like how some of the items you can pick up in H&M are really affordable and an absolute bargain, which brings me on to my purchase..

 Another playsuit! I am really liking playsuits this summer. I wasn't so overly keen last summer but after i got over the fact i had to get naked every time i wanted to go to the toilet, i started to really like them! What drew me towards this one is the pattern, it is not like anything i already own and i really like how the black and white compliment each other. I paired this with a black blazer, tights and a gold leaf necklace.
I thought this was a really great price at £12.99 (you can get it here) and the black and white makes it really flattering to wear.


My last clothing stop was Primark. I really like Primark, i can wonder around the shop for hours (unless it's Birmingham, then i just get really stressed out with the piles and piles of mess!). This is where i did the most damage, i think it must be the fact everything is so cheap that you keep on adding things into your basket. Until you get to the till and they tell you the total and then you can't exactly back out then (or can you?!)

I love flowers and bright colours for summer, so i have absolutely fallen head over heals for this dress! The quality feels really nice as well, i can not wait to start wearing it. This cost £13 (not available online)

I then found another dress that i really liked, but i was unsure how well it would suit me on. I am still not sure if it suits me, but i really like it and i love the statement necklace it comes with.

I ended up getting a size smaller than i originally picked up because it looked baggy around by my waist. The necklace really compliments the dress well, and there are also little hooks where you can unclip the necklace and wear it with another outfit too! This also cost me £13 (not available online).

I then found this really nice coral top which i thought would look really nice with some high waisted shorts.

I liked how the top crosses over at the back as it gives it a really girly touch. This cost me £6! (the shorts are from New Look, and i got them in the sale around Christmas time)

I then also picked up another top, again it's floral but the mix of colours is beautiful. It has blues, mint green, purple and bits of black, it is also slightly sheer and i think the collar separates it from all the other floral tops i own!

This was £8 (not available online)

I then made my way to the accessorises! I love Primark for statement necklaces as they always have really lovely ones at such good prices!

I really liked the look of this one. It is very simple and pretty without it being too statement like. I love the gold triangles and the pretty silver glitter inside. This was £3 (not available online)

I really like how this one is a bit more feminine as it has the flowers and some pearls. 

This cost £4


I then made my final stop at boots!
On a pervious weekend i picked up one of the No7 lipsticks in the Sheer Temptation range, because i had a no7 voucher. There was a few i had my eye on but i decided to go for 'Cuckoo Coral' because it is such a pretty orange/coral summer shade. But because i loved the hydrating formula so much, i went back and picked up two more! So i thought i would photograph them all for you.

I really like the reflecting packaging, i think it makes them look more expensive then they are!

Pretty Please (top), Cuckoo Coral (middle), Blooming Pink (bottom)
What i also really like about them is that they have SPF 15 in them!
You can find the Sheer Temptation range,  here. They are priced at £9.75 but are currently running an offer of buy one, get one half price and you can also use a no7 voucher on top of that!

I thought i would just pop this in at the end as i brought this from a little boutique shop and i thought it was so cute!
I am a majorly loving of lipsticks and i really like the quirky drawing with the little saying "lets make up". This make up bag is made out of canvas and has lots of room. My thoughts were to use it when i go on holiday because the bag is so light.

This cost me £6.99

I really hope you enjoyed this haul!

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