Monday, 29 September 2014

September Favourites 2014

It only seems like last week i was doing a August favourites. I can not believe we are going into October in a couple of days! Where is this year going?!

I don't have many favourites this month. The ones i do have though i really love.

Surprisingly i found this in my local Poundland! I wasn't really sure what to make of it when i first picked it up, as i hadn't tried liquid eyeshadow since i was in my teens and photographs can tell you, it was not a good look. Since this wasn't blue or pink, like my pervious teen colour selections, i decided to give it a whirl. I mean, for £1 i couldn't really go wrong.

It has a long doe-foot applicator, which i am not a total fan of, but its bearable! I generally put a bit on my eyelid and then blend it in with either a brush or my fingers.

The staying power is amazing. The product will last all day on my eyelids without budging. The product is also really pigmented and gives on such a beautiful colour.

This what what the product looks like straight off the doe-foot applicator.

This is what the product looks like once it has been blended in.

I got a mini sample (see in pictures below) of Benefit's primer 'Stay Don't Stray' in an edition of Birchbox. I hadn't really used it until my much faithful primer potion by Urban Decay ran out. Since then i have been using this and loving it!

It has a small doe-foot applicator, which i like because it means you can get into the corner of the eyes. 

I have the shade that is light/medium and provides a skin tone shade. I like the idea of this because it gives your eyeshadow a nice base colour before applying your chosen eye products.

My eyeshadow has lasted really well with this primer. It generally lasts from when i wake up in the morning until i go to take my makeup off at night time. I don't know if i am completely converted away from the primer potion, but at this point in time, i am really loving it.

 If i stay

I have started reading 'If i stay' on my kindle. I have not yet finished the book, but so far i am really loving it. It is a easy read, but also quite emotional. As i haven't read the whole story yet, i can't really give my own opinion of what the book is about. So i am going to let Amazon tell it for me.

I am 70% through the book (Kindle's do a percentage through the book rather than page numbers), and i have a few theories of how its going to end but to me, there is no obvious route. Once i have finished the book, more than likely see how the movie compares.

What have you been loving for the month of September?

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Thursday, 25 September 2014

Starting Worcester University

As some of you may already know i didn't take the general route to studying my degree. I did a foundation degree at my near by college and i decided to top my degree up to make it a BA Honours at Worcester University. If you haven't seen that blog post, i will link it, here.

Last week as my first week at Worcester. I am commenting from home and the drive is roughly an hour away from me. The reason why i decided to commute is because i will only be attending Worcester Thursday and Friday. Staying at home also meant i could keep my job so that i would still have an income.

(My friend very kindly brought my this travel mug since i am commuting! Look how cute it is!)

The idea was to be there the whole week, but after Tuesday we was told it was then optional to come in Wednesday - Friday. The option was there if you needed more help with the Dissertation proposal. I emailed mine over on Tuesday evening. It is a lot more fast paced than what i am used to, i am not sure if thats just generally the third year or Universities in general?

The first day was mainly filled with Welcome Talks. There was also an introduction to the Independent Study (the dreaded dissertation!). On the first day i attended the Freshers Fair, where i got a few freebies! I picked up the average free pens, pencils and highlighters. What made the freshers fair for me though was the free pizza from Pizza Hut and free Ice Cream!

They were also giving out fortune cookies, inside it says "if you think sunshine brings you happiness, then you haven't danced in the rain". I interpreted that to mean, even when you have having a really rubbish day, you can always find a little bit of happiness, even if its the smallest thing.

It has a very similar meaning to my favourite quote, which is "life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, its learning to dance in the rain".

 If you have started or starting back at School, College or University, than i hope its going well!

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Monday, 22 September 2014

The Body Shop - Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil Review

Another Body Shop review today! I picked up the Wild Argan Oil Radiant Oil from The Body Shop, after seeing Fleur De Force's vlog which can be found here. Within the vlog, Fleur takes you around and shows you how the Moroccan oil is made.

There are nine products in the argan oil range, i just picked up one to see how i got on with it! The range consists of oil, body butter, bubble bath, lip butter, body scrub, solid oil, shower gel and body lotion. The reason why i chose the radiant oil was because it is multi purpose, it can be used on your body and in your hair.

It has a spray which i find so much easier to use, especially when its oil based. It makes my skin feel so unbelievably smooth! I also alternate this with my in shower hair treatment from Mark Hill. I spray two pumps onto my hands, rub them together and then apply it from my hands onto my hair. I found in i sprayed it directly onto my hair, it would leave it feeling greasy. I also love the fragrance, it really reminds me of being on holiday!

You can pick this up from The Body Shop for £14, alternatively you can find it here.

Have you tried anything from the argan oil range?

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Thursday, 18 September 2014

The Saturdays Greatest Hits Tour

On Monday evening, my friend and myself drove to the NIA in Birmingham for The Saturdays Greatest Hits Tour! The Saturdays is actually my friends favourite band, so i surprised her with tickets on her birthday.

I haven't been to many concerts, in fact the last one i went to before this was when i was 14 years old. So a long time ago! I was a bit unsure what to wear, so i opted with a smart/casual look.

I wore this blue floral playsuit from USC which i love and paired it with some black ankle boots, from New Look. For accessories i wore my much loved Michael Kors watch and this lovely clutch bag from Boohoo. I have been loving the slogan clutch bags from Zara but they always seem to be sold out, but i love the slogan on this even more and it is a lot cheaper too!! I went for a smokey eye using my Naked palette from Urban Decay and then paired it with a lipgloss from Primark (there is no link to this online, but it comes in a plastic tube, the one i am wearing is the darkest pink and they are crazily pigmented for the small amount of £1).

Lets get into the pictures of The Saturdays!

During on of the slow songs that they sang. They took got all the crowd to get out there mobile phones or glow sticks are to wave them in the air. 

During the song "issues" they had photographs of each of them meeting fans, playing on the screen behind them. 

They were really good live, if there is ever an opportunity to go and see them again i would recommend anyone to take it, as i certainly will! 
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Instablur and All-In-One BB Cream Review

Today i thought i would do a review on two products that i have been absolutely loving for just over a month! I have been using them pretty much every day so i feel like i have used them enough in my daily routine to do a full review.

I originally went into The Body Shop just for the Instablur as i had heard so many great things about it, but i stumbled across a box called "Flawless Finish Collection". Inside it included the Instablur and the All-In-One BB Cream for £20. So i decided to pay an extra £6 and get them both.

Lets start with the Instablur..

The Instablur claims to blur out all your imperfections, giving you flawless skin in an instant. It also makes five our claims, stating it will extend the wear of make-up, hide blemishes, reduce the appearance of pours, keep shine at bay for 12 hours and give a flawless complexion. Who doesn't want a flawless complexion, right?! Well, i for one certainly do. 

It is quite a thick consistency, as you can see from the photograph below. I have heard a few people say they don't like the smell, honestly i can't smell a fragrance in it! So the 'smell' doesn't bother me in the slightest!

It goes on really well, easy to blend and makes me face really so soft! I would recommend rubbing it between your fingers before applying it to your face (i go from my nose outwards, as this is where i find my make-up tends to sit and where those pesky pores are!)

Above is a picture of my pores without anything on my face. Not even moisturiser.

Below, is a picture with just the Instablur (also i put moisturiser underneath).

As you can see from the photograph, my pores are still visible but they have been reduced. Which i can't been too downhearted about as the product never it would get rid of my pores!

Reduces pores - 8/10
Shine Control - 9/10
Blemish hiding - 8/10
Make-up extending - 10/10
Flawless complexion - 8/10

You can buy the Instablur on its own for £14 here.

All-In-One BB Cream with Instablur

I have never been taken into the hype of BB Creams. So i was certain, i would either love this product or hate it. Thankfully i loved it. This definitely has a fragrance, i really can't put my finger on what it smells like but i would definitely urge you to have a sniff before buying the product! It doesn't stay on your face, but you can definitely smell it while its being applied. The smell personally doesn't bother me, its an unusual smell but i don't think its awful.

The product comes out the tube in a white liquid with some dark spots throughout it. It adapts to your skin tone as you apply it, hence the reason for it being white. This is definitely a thick consistency, it also dries super quick on the skin, so i would recommend doing one bit at a time instead of dotting it around your face!

The All-In-One BB Cream claims to, adapt to your skin tone, provide a light to medium coverage, not clogging up your pores, give a 24 hour hydration and present you with an even finish. There isn't a massive colour range with this product, i believe there are only four colour choices to choose from. 

I have very fair skin and i got the shade 00. A sales assistant matched me up to the shade that she thought suited my skin tone the best and i have to agree, it really does! The Instablur compared with the BB Cream makes my pores disappear! 

It really does give my skin an even, and flawless finish. The product is also light enough that my freckles still slightly show through it. It reduces the redness on my face and my make-up will stay in place all day!

Using the products together -

Adapts to skin tone - 10/10
Light to medium coverage - 10/10
Even finish - 10/10
24 hour hydration - I haven't noticed my skin getting dry while using these products.
Non clogging - 9/10 (as i don't believe any make-up product can completely be on clogging!)

I honestly think if i picked one of these products up without the other i would have been left a bit disappointed with the results. As using them alone i don't really think they are anything to rave about.  Using them together and i think they are amazing! 

You can purchase the All-In-One BB Cream here, for £12.

*Please not these photographs have not been edited.

Have you tried these products?
What did you think?

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Thursday, 11 September 2014

University Stationary Haul - year three

So it's that time of the year again, everyone is dreading going back or starting school, sixth form, college or University. But lets face it, it was nice to have the summer break, right? Unfortunately i was working but i still managed to get some sneaky time off to go on my holiday!

As some of you may know if you saw my "university is not the only option" blog post, that i studied for my Foundation Degree for the first two years. Which means, i have the first two years of a degree but to have a full BA Honors Degree, i needed to do my third year. If you haven't see that post, i will link it here.

I have chosen to do my third year at Worcester University, my induction week starts on Monday (the 15th). I am a lover of all things organisation (shame it does't reflect on my bedroom!) and stationary, so i had this massive need want for new stationary to start my third year with.

I picked up to notebooks, one A4 size (Pukka Pad £4.99 from Sainsburys, but you can find them cheaper here) and one A5 tabbed notebook (£4 from Paperchase). The reason why i have brought two is because, i am going to use the A4 size one for general modules and assignments and to jot down notes, and i will be using the A5 notebook for my Dissertation notes and planning. I really like how both of them have the build in dividers, as it makes things a lot more easier and organised, especially for people like me who don't like the bother of using folders!

I also brought this expanding file from Wilkinson's (£2.55) as i thought it would be very useful to store away any notes or assignments that i no longer need.
I picked up this little white board that says "Remember It!" on the bottom left hand corner. I really liked this and i thought it would be a super good way of remembering things for the next day or deadlines. This was from Poundland - bargain!
Next up, is the pink document sleeve that also has dividers in - are you sensing a theme? I like dividers! I thought this would be a really good idea to keep loose sheets of paper, powerpoint notes or anything handouts. This was from Wilkinson's for 75p.
Then of course, highlighters! I think i buy a new set of highlights every year. So i should be swimming in pretty highlight colours right now. I liked how these weren't chunky and they were pen sized. These were also from Wilkinson's for 80p.

I am still not really sure why i brought these colourful sticker dots, but i thought they might be good for pinpointing information that i need to remember. (Wilkinson's 50p)
I then found these super cute page tabs, there are four rectangle tabs and one bigger tab. They are different patterns and each have there own little picture in the corner! These were £1.99 from Sainsburys.
I have never really owned binder clips before, but i really liked the quirky sayings on them, and the bright colours! They say "ASAP, BITS & PIECES, NOTES, BORING and GET IT DONE!". These were from H&M for £2.99

I was completely drawn to this pencil case. I love the colours, and the pattern and the material. The material is oil cloth, so it is easy to wipe clean, especially if it gets dirty from the inside on your bag. This was £4.99.
I also saw they had matching pens to go with the pencil case, so i had to pick those up too. One of them as the same pattern as the pencil case and the other has a really cute bicycle print on it. These were £1.99 and both from Sainbury's.

Now all i need is a handbag that is big enough to fit all my A4 pieces inside!
Any recommendations?

11th September...

It is 13 years since the Twin Towers fell in New York City. I always feel really saddened and connected to this day, but i don't really know why. Maybe because it is the first terrorist attack i can truly remember and i can remember where i was when it happened, and exactly what i was doing, clear as anything and i would of only been 10 years old. I have always wanted to go and pay my respects on the site where it all happened, and i managed to go when i was in New York City last year. It was very emotional and so surreal.
I always do a minutes silents and light a candle for all the people who lost there lives on this day.

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