Monday, 8 September 2014

Fusion Festival 2014

I attended Fusion Festival on the last weekend in August. It was held at Cofton Park in Birmingham and was held on the Saturday and Sunday. My friend and i, just went to the Sunday event. So i thought i would share some photographs and experiences with you all!

Warning: a very picture heavy post!

We was so very lucky with the weather, over the last week or so before it had started to get quite chilly and more often than not it was very overcast and often raining! So on the Sunday is was bordering on hot, and i even got a little sunburnt - oops!

It was a rather small area for a festival, mainly because it was just in one big space, but it actually didn't feel that small when there was thousands of people there. I took these photographs when we first got into the festival so it wasn't so busy. There was so many food and drink places, to suit everyones needs and personal preferences.

(These photographs were very kindly taken by my friend Laura)

My whole outfit is mainly from Newlook, these items are: high waisted shorts, tribal patterned top, black tights and white pumps. I also worn my Oasis handbag to carry all my items and my nail polish is from Primark.

I worn three accessories, my bangle is from Mango, the necklace is from Primark and i brought the flower crown on the way into the festival!

My hair is inspired by Fleur, i really loved how she styled hers when she went to V Festival, and having long hair that gets knotted really easily means wearing it down is not an option. But i am really happy how it turned out and my lovely friend was able to get a bit creative and twisted the remaining on the flower crown into the braid!

My friend and i was in the gold circle section, which is the section that is fenced off at the front of the stage. This meant we got an amazing view and was so close to all the acts! I would definitely recommend paying the extra £30, as it also means you can leave to go to the toilet and you are still guaranteed an amazing spot!

As it is a festival, i was not expecting the food or drink to be cheap. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the prices weren't too ridiculous! I went to Wireless Festival last year and ended up paying nearly £4 for a bottle of water, but i only paid £2 at Fusion. I ended up paying £4.50 for a burger, which is a little on the pricey side but it's a lot cheaper compared to the £6 i paid last year, also at Wireless.

One thing that really impressed me with Fusion Festival, is that they had a section designated for disabled people with wheelchairs. It was raised slightly off the ground so that they would also have an amazing view, i can't say that i have ever seen a section especially for disabled people before. As just because someone is in a wheelchair doesn't mean they should be excluded from an event such as this one, well done Fusion Festival!

I have only decided to pick pictures out of the main four acts that stood out to me the most. Otherwise this post would have been photo central! I was really impressed with Union J's performance, i have seen the perform once before at the Clothes Show, but this time they really stood out to me. I think they have gained more in confidence and they are definitely nice to look at! - which is always a bonus!

Pixie Lott was amazing! She really showed her personality through her performance which i really liked, and her voice was on point. She has never been an artist i would rush out to see, or think to put one of her songs on but she has definitely changed that through her performance!

The Wanted - what a handsome bunch of lads. There connection with the crowd was phenomenal, there was screams and chants, and this was before they had even come on stage! When they did, there was girls crying left, right and centre! They were all laughing and joking around - when they weren't singing of course! 

Jessie J was the last performance of the night. I have always loved her songs, they have such meaning and songs that everyone can relate to. I can not believe how down to earth she is, she gave countless amount of speeches about how much her fans mean to her, she told us the meanings behind some of her songs, she also picked out a girl in the crowd and remembered her name from the last time they met! I think she is an amazing singer and song writer and i have the up most respect for her.

I really enjoy attending festivals, the atmosphere is like nothing i have ever experienced!
Have you attended a festival this year?

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! great pictures, I love your hair and nails.

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    1. Thank you it was such a great day!
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    1. Aww thanks lovely, that means a lot :)
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