Thursday, 21 May 2015

Starting project life..

Starting project life!

Once i have got all my assignments and the dreaded exam out of the way, i will be starting project life. Some of you may be questioning what project life is, and it is a scrapbook, but more of a modern day scrapbook! I love taking photographs but i find because everything is so technical now, that i don't print out photos anymore and i want some way to store and reflect back on the good times i have had. I also adore the fact you can add quirky quotes and make it look super pretty without the hassle of a glue stick!

If you want to know more about project life, click here. Lily Pebbles does an amazing review of it, and even takes you on a little look through her own personal project life album. 

I have gathered all the bits and bobs that i need to get started, so look out for some blog posts in the future of me trying to put it all together and be 'creative'!

If you are from the UK and what to get started with project life, then Hobby Craft is the website you want to be headed to. You can also find some bits and pieces on Amazon.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

The Beauty Show 2015

First off, i would like to apologise for my lack, ok, none existent blog posts over the last few months. Things have been pretty stressful and crazy with my dissertation and coming to the end of my third year. I now only have ONE more assignment and a exam to do and then i am finished!!!! So starting in June, my blog posts will go back to normal schedule, which will be twice a week, Monday and Thursdays! (But there may be a few cheeky uploads between now and June!)

The Beauty Show 2015

The beauty show is held at the NEC in Birmingham, every year in May. I had not heard of the event before, until someone on my Instagram posted a photo with lots of shopping bags with makeup and instantly i was intrigued! I found out where it was and all the details and made a date in my diary to attend in 2015, and i did! 

I have to say, I was a little disappointed, and heres why...

The beauty show consisted of a lot of makeup brands, but none that i had actually heard of. Which is always a little disappointing, but i did know this before i went as i thought it might be a good chance to learn about and find some new and exciting products. Unfortunately this wasn't the case. I actually brought no makeup items, whatsoever!

Another thing that disappointed me was that Benefit claimed they had a stall at the event. On the leaflet it stated 'Benefit Cosmetics' stand M40, so i was definitely excited. My friend and I rushed to that stall first to make sure we could get the best deals they had and do make sure the things we wanted hadn't already been sold out. It was much to our disappointment when we realised it was only for recruiting!! 

Although, i can't moan too much because the tickets were free! 
If I had paid on the door price of £20, i would have been majorly pissed off.

I probably wont attend next year, but never say never. It all depends on what makeup brands will be there. As if they have had a change around and included brands that i have heard of then you have bet your bottom dollar i will be there!

Here are a few of the photographs that were took during the day...

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