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My top 6 cities

My top 6 cities

City breaks are probably one of my favourite types of holidays. I have only come to love them over the past two years, so my list to visit is a lot bigger than the list i have visited! I love looking around places and seeing how things differ from here in England! I have included all the cities i have visited and listed them from 1-6, 6 being my favourite. 

I must admit, there hasn't been a city i have been to that i have been disappointed in! I love the idea of city life, i come from the countryside so i love having little visits to the cities! 

6. Edinburgh

As i have said previously, there isn't a city i dislike, in fact i love all of them! They are all so pretty and have there only story. I visited Edinburgh about 10 years ago and unfortunately i don't have any photographs of my time there, so this one was taken from google. The Edinburgh castle was beautiful and it carries so much history within its walls. I would love to go back one day, now that I'm older and properly soak in the atmosphere that lies within the city.

5. Dublin

I am not exaggerating when i say, this is probably the friendliest city (or even place!) i have ever been to! Everyone to so happy, welcoming and chatty! The place itself is also beautiful, everything is so full of colour, the architecture is amazing and it really has some of the prettiest and quirkiest sights to see. I would love to visit back in the summer because i can imagine there parks are beautiful!

4. London

I have visited this city countless amount of times and i will never get bored of its beauty. There is so much to do, see, so many pretty parts and villages that you will always find something to do. I especially love coming to London at Christmas, all the streets are lit up in pretty Christmas lights, theres so many festive events that it makes the time of the year seem even more magical.

3. Rome

I never realised ruins could look so beautiful. Rome is such a stunning place. The Colosseum is absolutely breath taking, along with the Trevi Fountain and the numerous other attractions. We went in June, the weather was HOT, but i believe the sunshine made the place look even more beautiful, the grass was so green and the flowers were so colourful. Rome is a lot of walking, so i would definitely recommend comfy shoes! If you are thinking of going i would definitely recommend Hotel Regno, you can find a hotel review here. It is right in the centre and close to everything.

2. Paris

Paris, one of the most romantic cities in the world. I would definitely agree with that statement. The city is beautiful. We went for a long weekend over the Christmas season, which made the place even more magical. Everything is really spread out and i would love to go back and explore more of the city!

1. New York City

If you haven't been to this place then you need to go. I would go back in a flash if i could afford it! I get a excited feeling in my tummy when i look back at the photographs. There is so much to do, so many incredible tourist attractions. There is so many people, but unlike other cities you don't feel the busyness of it, which is strange but if you've been you'll understand completely! Again, pack your comfy shoes because this is a place where you want to travel on foot, it is definitely the quickest way around, unless you jump on the subway!

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