Sunday, 15 May 2016

How to be happy..

Hello everyone!

I have yet again neglected my little blog, but i am determined to now keep it up as why would i want to neglect something i love doing?!

I thought i would write a little something about how to be happy. I find this is something people often struggle with for so many different reasons, they dislike there job, they are unhappy with where they are going in life, they want there life to be perfect in so many different ways. The unfortunate thing that i have come to learn is that your life will never be completely perfect. There will always be something you are slightly unhappy with, no one leaves a perfect life, no matter how it looks from the outside, everyone is struggling with a battle that no one knows about.

I have found the key to happiness is within yourself. Unless you love yourself and are happy being by yourself, enjoying your own company then complete happiness is hard to come by. Don't get me wrong, there are still lots of things i am unhappy with about myself, but as a whole, i have never been happier.

My life is at its highest point at the moment. There are still things i would love to change, i would love to find that job that i love and be the weight i would want to be at. But i am enjoying the journey which is taking me there. I don't think i would be where i am, found the person that i am in love with unless i found that love in myself first, found the things i wanted to change to make me a better person.

The true key is to love what you have in your life right now, not what someone else has.

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