Thursday, 27 November 2014

I am doing BLOGMAS!

I have some rather exciting news which i wish to share with you all! This is my first year of having my own little blog and every year i love reading and watching other peoples blogmas/vlogmas posts and videos, so this year i have made the decision to do Blogmas myself!

If you don't know what Blogmas is then, it is when bloggers blog every day from the 1st December up until either Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. The festive season is my absolute favourite time of the year, so it fills me with such excitement to be able to join in with Blogmas this year!

A blog post will be going up every single day, but please keep in mind that they may not all be going up at the same time. I will aim to have each post up by 10am each day (the same as my general blog posts) but sometimes it may not work out like that. As i have work and university commitments, as well as, my personal life. This is something that i really want to do and i am 100% committed to making sure a blog post will be up every day, even if on some days it may be later than others!!

It is crazy to think the next blog post that goes up will be the 1st of December and Blogmas Day 1!!

Let me know if the comments below if you are also doing Blogmas this year because i would love to check out your posts too!

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Monday, 24 November 2014

Festive Gift Fair 2014

I went to the Festive Gift Fair at the NEC (National Exhibition Centre) in Birmingham, on Saturday. This is my second year going, and it really gets me in the festive spirit! It is full of cute little stalls selling everything from food, to days out (wine tasting, car experience days), to shabby chic items. Not forgetting all the Christmas decorations and ornaments that you can find there! It was very busy, we struggled to move around the stalls at one point because there was so many people, it is definitely not somewhere you can get through in a hurry. The tickets are priced at £9, you are able to buy them online or when you arrive at the NEC (but you run the risk of no tickets being left).

If you want to get to the NEC by train, then you will need to get off the train at Birmingham International and follow the signs indoors towards the NEC and your chosen exhibition. The NEC in Birmingham also hold hundreds of exhibitions a year, so if this one doesn't take you fancy, then there may be something else that will!

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Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Winter Skincare Must Haves 2014

The colder season is slowly making its way upon us here in England. So i thought i would share with you some of my must have products for the Winter season. When the season gets colder, i see a change in my skin, it becomes a lot drier and i sometimes end up with dry patches on my face. Here are eight products that keep my skin, hair, lips and nails all in tip top condition over the Winter period!

NIVA Regenrating Night Cream -This is such an amazing night cream if you suffer from dry patches on your face. I used to every night for the first 14 days and my dry patches disappeared! If your looking to make one change to your skin care routine this Winter, i suggest giving this one a go.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil - I use this instead of my Niva Night Cream, on the nights where i feel my skin needs something a bit more. I just use two drops and massage it into my face, it works wonders and leaves my skin feeling silky soft.

Weleda Skin Food - My hands get very so dry in the colder months, and this multi purpose cream does the job perfectly. It is very thick, but it is full of moisture! The only time i use this on my face is on long haul flights when my skin tends to get very dry and tight.

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil (Radiant Oil) - This is another multi purpose product, it can be used on the skin and on the ends of your hair. I have found this works really well if i use it on days where my skin needs that extra bit of moisture, and i use it all over my body as a body lotion. I don't use this every time i shower, maybe once or twice a week. I can definitely see the difference!

Overnight Sleeping Facial Mask - I have currently, run out of this which is why its not pictured and i can't seem to find another pot anywhere! I have however found an alternative, which you can find here. I tend to use this once every two weeks or once a week if my skin really needs that extra lock of moisture and it needs a bit of brightening.

Jessica Phenomen Oil - My hands and nails tend to get very dry in the Winter months, my nails crack and peel and it takes them forever to recover. I have found putting this oil on my nail beds every other night before bed, really keeps them in normal condition. 

Lush Lip Scrub - I hate having dry lips, that flake, it proves to be such a nightmare when trying to wear lipstick. This lip scrub smells amazing, tastes amazing and most importantly does an amazing job of getting rid of all the dry and flakey patches on your lips.

Moroccan Oil - My hair has never felt so amazing since using this stuff. You apply it to the ends of your hair and i can't even tell you how much of a difference it makes. It leaves your hair in such smooth, silky condition, and it smells amazing too.

* You can find the products by clicking on the title of the product.

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Monday, 17 November 2014

Dupe Alert! New Look Pure Dusk

About a month ago now, i was wondering around Boots when a woman approached me asking if i wanted to try the new Lancome perfume 'La Vie Est Belle'. She sprayed a bit on my arm, but it actually ended up on my coat. Every time i wore the coat after, i kept thinking how much i loved the smell of that perfume. However, i don't tend to really spend a lot of perfumes, for myself anyway, as i just can't justify the purchase. 

I have heard a little bit about the new range at New Look which consists of make-up and four different perfumes. It was the first time i had seen them in store, and i gave each perfume a spray. I instantly new one of them reminded me of something, i just couldn't put my finger on it. While carrying it in my hand through the store in came to me that it smelt so similar if not verging on the same as the Lancome fragrance. 

So let me introduce you to Pure Dusk..

It comes in a lovely little simple bottle, with a square lid which is mirrored at the top. It is described on the website as "a modern interpretation of an oriental fragrance. It entwines the elegance of iris with the strength of patchouli and the sweetness of a gourmand blend." 

It comes in a 50ml bottle and is priced at £7.99. Which in my opinion is an absolute bargain, 
especially if you have been loving the Lancome fragrance like me but just can't justify the purchase. Within the line they have also brought out Pure Blush, Pure Devotion and Pure Touch.

You can purchase all of the different fragrances here.

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Thursday, 13 November 2014

Colab invisible dry shampoo review

When i was wondering around Superdrug a few weeks ago, i noticed this dry shampoo from Youtuber Ruth Crilly, otherwise known as 'A Model Recommends'. I was in need of a new bottle and the statement 'sheer invisible' drew me in. I absolutely adore Batiste, but the fact that it comes out white and leaves your hair possibly patchy isn't always appealing - especially in a rush! So low and behold the invisible dry shampoo..

I picked up the fragrance in New York, this is described as 'a fresh fruity scent of apple and melon with a slight amber finish'. I don't know if i would describe the fragrance as fruity, it slightly reminds me of a males aftershave!

Colab is true to its word, the formula of the dry shampoo is invisible and makes using a dry shampoo so much easier and quicker! You also don't have to worry that you have missed any patches of white that you forgot to rub in - we have all done it!! For me, this is one of the main and best points of the dry shampoo.

Comparing its performance to Batiste, i would say that Batiste makes my hair look cleaner and less greasy, although, Colab certainly works and does the job. On the days where i find my hair just needs a bit of a refresh and touch up, i will reach for Colab, for the convenience of the invisible formula. On the other days where my hair is feeling a lot more greasy, i will reach for Batiste.

You can purchase Colab from Superdrug, here. It is currently priced at £2.32 for the 200ml instead of £3.49.

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Monday, 10 November 2014

Graduation 2014

Another milestone in my life has arrived, graduating from my Foundation Degree! I honestly never thought i would be wearing a gown and hat, let alone graduating. It has taken me a long time to get where i am, many wrong turns and mistakes. Not to mention lots of tears, self doubt and determination but i have managed to come overcome all that an obtain my Foundation Degree. It all finally paid off!

Here are just a few photographs of my day..

(Unfortunately, it was throwing it down with rain, so taking this photo outside was not an option!)

As some of you may know, i have already started my next chapter. I started at Worcester University in September, to continue onto a BA Honors Degree.

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Thursday, 6 November 2014

Throwback Thursday - New York City

This time last year, i was getting on a plane to visit New York City. It was one of the most amazing places i have ever been too, and i hope to go back many more times in the future. I just wanted to reminisce about my trip and basically feel like i am anywhere but in England.

Be prepared for a massive selection of photographs..

I honestly can not believe it has been a year! It has gone so so quickly. New York City is such a massive place, we was there for a week and there was still so much more i could have done or wanted to see. We saw all the main places, but its just a good excuse to make my way back there in the future! I really would recommend this place to anyone. I get so excited looking back through these pictures and i envy anyone who lives here.

Where is your favourite place?

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