Thursday, 13 November 2014

Colab invisible dry shampoo review

When i was wondering around Superdrug a few weeks ago, i noticed this dry shampoo from Youtuber Ruth Crilly, otherwise known as 'A Model Recommends'. I was in need of a new bottle and the statement 'sheer invisible' drew me in. I absolutely adore Batiste, but the fact that it comes out white and leaves your hair possibly patchy isn't always appealing - especially in a rush! So low and behold the invisible dry shampoo..

I picked up the fragrance in New York, this is described as 'a fresh fruity scent of apple and melon with a slight amber finish'. I don't know if i would describe the fragrance as fruity, it slightly reminds me of a males aftershave!

Colab is true to its word, the formula of the dry shampoo is invisible and makes using a dry shampoo so much easier and quicker! You also don't have to worry that you have missed any patches of white that you forgot to rub in - we have all done it!! For me, this is one of the main and best points of the dry shampoo.

Comparing its performance to Batiste, i would say that Batiste makes my hair look cleaner and less greasy, although, Colab certainly works and does the job. On the days where i find my hair just needs a bit of a refresh and touch up, i will reach for Colab, for the convenience of the invisible formula. On the other days where my hair is feeling a lot more greasy, i will reach for Batiste.

You can purchase Colab from Superdrug, here. It is currently priced at £2.32 for the 200ml instead of £3.49.

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  1. Love Ruth she is amazing xox

  2. I love the idea of an invisible dry shampoo, I've never head of this concept before but I love that it doesn't give you those horrible white patches. Because I'm always late for everything, if I do put any Batiste on I end up going out looking like Jack Frost haha ;) How fab that it's so worthwhile and so affordable too :)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. Me too, it makes me wonder why no one has thought of it before! I definitely know that feeling haha.

      Katie x