Thursday, 21 May 2015

Starting project life..

Starting project life!

Once i have got all my assignments and the dreaded exam out of the way, i will be starting project life. Some of you may be questioning what project life is, and it is a scrapbook, but more of a modern day scrapbook! I love taking photographs but i find because everything is so technical now, that i don't print out photos anymore and i want some way to store and reflect back on the good times i have had. I also adore the fact you can add quirky quotes and make it look super pretty without the hassle of a glue stick!

If you want to know more about project life, click here. Lily Pebbles does an amazing review of it, and even takes you on a little look through her own personal project life album. 

I have gathered all the bits and bobs that i need to get started, so look out for some blog posts in the future of me trying to put it all together and be 'creative'!

If you are from the UK and what to get started with project life, then Hobby Craft is the website you want to be headed to. You can also find some bits and pieces on Amazon.

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