Monday, 22 June 2015

10 Tips for visiting Rome..

Ten tips for visiting Rome..

I visited R0me last weekend, and can i just point out, it was one of the most beautifulest places ever. I love the fact a city can tell a story, and you can definitely feel and experience Rome's story through the naked eye. I wanted to share with you all ten tips in which i learnt while i was visiting Rome, in hope that if you are reading this then they will help you with your travels to Rome too!

  1. Be weather prepared!! We went during June, and it was HOT. One of the days was quite unbearable due to the heat. So if you are travelling during the warmer season, then take a hat and lots and lots of suncream as there isn't much shade in Rome!
  2. Don't take all your money in cash. As with any city, it is very busy so there is a higher chance of pick pocketers  The last thing you would want to happen is to have your money stolen before your holiday has even began. I took 100 euros in cash and then i put the rest of my money on a Cash Passport from Thomas Cook. These work like regular debit cards, you take it to a hole in the wall, type in your pin and then out comes your money! Its a lot safer way to transport cash.
  3. Book attraction tickets online! This will save time when arriving at the attraction, as the queue to buy tickets in some places were horrendous and would easily take two hours!
  4. Arrive early, if there is an attraction you definitely want to go and explore, then the key is to get there before everyone else! We visited the Colosseum at half 9 in the morning and it was busy, but we managed to walk straight in. By the time we left at half 11, the queue was unbelievably long.
  5.  Don't pay for water!! Sounds ridiculous right?! But as long as you have a bottle then water is free. There is drinking water taps all over Rome, so you are able to fill your water bottle up free of charge!
  6. "I made it myself" or "my wife has just given birth, yesterday morning". These are two phrases i have heard countless amount of times throughout my stay in Rome! They may be true, but they may also be trying to make you feel guilty to get your money and after i had heard the phrase used a lot, i opted for the second choice.
  7. Be cautious! There are a lot of people selling items along the streets. Fake handbags, sunglasses and selfie sticks. They are everywhere! I made the mistake of looking at one of the handbags, and an even bigger mistake, i stopped to have a look. Once i decided it wasn't what i was looking for i carried on down the street, and then every person also selling items tried to stop me too! Argh!
  8. Take appropriate walking shoes. You will be on your feet all day, and every day you are there. Comfy shoes are a must!!
  9. If you are travelling to Rome in the Summer then make sure you pack clothes that are cooling. Rome can get very warm!
  10. Enjoy yourself, you are in Rome after all! 

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