Thursday, 25 June 2015

A little reflection.. What have i learnt?

So we are half way through 2015. Am i the only one who thinks of crazy that is?! How fast has the time gone?! I thought i would share some of the little things i have already learnt from half the year of 2015.

Be yourself. I have stopped (well, part-stopped. Sometimes its really hard!!) caring what other people think. If you want to go and do something, if you want to wear that dress, if you want to eat that food, then you do it! The only person you are letting down for not doing it is yourself.

True friends will always be there. So i have had a bit of a rough run at the start of 2015, with finishing my third year and the stresses of the dreaded dissertation. Which meant my friends kind of took a bit of a back seat compared to my work (rock and roll ay?!), yet they were still there for me whenever i needed them!

Happiness is found in yourself. You can't be happy through someone else, it just doesn't work. I learnt a long time ago that you have to be happy with yourself and love yourself before you can be truly happy with someone else (bit of a cliche but true).

You are your only obstacle. There have been many times over these past six months that i have thought 'i can't do this' and made an excuse up why i couldn't do it. When actually i could do it, i was just to scared to so i made up an excuse as to why i couldn't so i didnt have to. 

I am feeling more like me. It sounds strange, i know, how can i not feel like me?! But this is the first time in my life where i have been genuinely happy, constantly laughing and smiling and a better person. That consists of all the things above, as well as my family, friends and incredible boyfriend. I am grateful to them all.

What have you learnt so far in 2015?

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