Thursday, 11 September 2014

University Stationary Haul - year three

So it's that time of the year again, everyone is dreading going back or starting school, sixth form, college or University. But lets face it, it was nice to have the summer break, right? Unfortunately i was working but i still managed to get some sneaky time off to go on my holiday!

As some of you may know if you saw my "university is not the only option" blog post, that i studied for my Foundation Degree for the first two years. Which means, i have the first two years of a degree but to have a full BA Honors Degree, i needed to do my third year. If you haven't see that post, i will link it here.

I have chosen to do my third year at Worcester University, my induction week starts on Monday (the 15th). I am a lover of all things organisation (shame it does't reflect on my bedroom!) and stationary, so i had this massive need want for new stationary to start my third year with.

I picked up to notebooks, one A4 size (Pukka Pad £4.99 from Sainsburys, but you can find them cheaper here) and one A5 tabbed notebook (£4 from Paperchase). The reason why i have brought two is because, i am going to use the A4 size one for general modules and assignments and to jot down notes, and i will be using the A5 notebook for my Dissertation notes and planning. I really like how both of them have the build in dividers, as it makes things a lot more easier and organised, especially for people like me who don't like the bother of using folders!

I also brought this expanding file from Wilkinson's (£2.55) as i thought it would be very useful to store away any notes or assignments that i no longer need.
I picked up this little white board that says "Remember It!" on the bottom left hand corner. I really liked this and i thought it would be a super good way of remembering things for the next day or deadlines. This was from Poundland - bargain!
Next up, is the pink document sleeve that also has dividers in - are you sensing a theme? I like dividers! I thought this would be a really good idea to keep loose sheets of paper, powerpoint notes or anything handouts. This was from Wilkinson's for 75p.
Then of course, highlighters! I think i buy a new set of highlights every year. So i should be swimming in pretty highlight colours right now. I liked how these weren't chunky and they were pen sized. These were also from Wilkinson's for 80p.

I am still not really sure why i brought these colourful sticker dots, but i thought they might be good for pinpointing information that i need to remember. (Wilkinson's 50p)
I then found these super cute page tabs, there are four rectangle tabs and one bigger tab. They are different patterns and each have there own little picture in the corner! These were £1.99 from Sainsburys.
I have never really owned binder clips before, but i really liked the quirky sayings on them, and the bright colours! They say "ASAP, BITS & PIECES, NOTES, BORING and GET IT DONE!". These were from H&M for £2.99

I was completely drawn to this pencil case. I love the colours, and the pattern and the material. The material is oil cloth, so it is easy to wipe clean, especially if it gets dirty from the inside on your bag. This was £4.99.
I also saw they had matching pens to go with the pencil case, so i had to pick those up too. One of them as the same pattern as the pencil case and the other has a really cute bicycle print on it. These were £1.99 and both from Sainbury's.

Now all i need is a handbag that is big enough to fit all my A4 pieces inside!
Any recommendations?

11th September...

It is 13 years since the Twin Towers fell in New York City. I always feel really saddened and connected to this day, but i don't really know why. Maybe because it is the first terrorist attack i can truly remember and i can remember where i was when it happened, and exactly what i was doing, clear as anything and i would of only been 10 years old. I have always wanted to go and pay my respects on the site where it all happened, and i managed to go when i was in New York City last year. It was very emotional and so surreal.
I always do a minutes silents and light a candle for all the people who lost there lives on this day.

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  1. oh! a lot of nice stuff :D back to school?? will be fine :) !

    1. Aww thank you.
      I enjoy going out and purchasing new stuff for the new academic year!!
      I am going into my third year of University :)

      Katie x

  2. Great post! I love shopping for the new school year, and I'm looking forward to start college again next monday. You bought really nice stuff.

    isa |

    1. Thank you.
      I hope it goes well for you, good luck!

      Katie x

  3. Lovely post! I need to learn from this seeing as I'm going to study ba too! :P you're so organised and so this is super helpful! Would you like to follow each other? If so just let us know :) xx

    1. Aw thank you!
      Are you? Very exciting! I am glad you found it helpful :)

      Katie x

  4. Back to school. I'm done with school (and to be honest not even missing it)!
    Great post!

  5. Great finds!! :)
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