Monday, 30 June 2014

June Monthly Favourites

Welcome to my June monthly faves!

I am going to share with you, what i have been loving throughout the month of June!


For blusher i have been loving the No7 'Pop & Glow' cream blush in Rose Blossom. It comes out quite shocking when you swatch it on your hand but once rubbed in it looks so natural and flushed. It's definitely my god send in the mornings when I'm running late for work!

I have been loving three lipsticks this month. I have been alternating between the three of them. Two of them are from the No7 Sheer Temptation line in Cuckoo Coral which is a beautiful orange, coral shade and the other in Blooming Pink which is a beautiful bright but slightly darker coloured pink. They are also very moisturising on the lips - bonus.
The other lipstick i have been reaching for is Lavish Pink by Estee Lauder (unfortunately this shade has been discontinued). This is a very beautiful  light pink that is slightly sheer. I think its perfect for the summer months when you want something on your lips but you don't want anything too heavy or bold. 

Skin care

I have not tried a face mask that i love as much as this one. It is the Soap and Glory No Cloggs Allowed. I adore products that you can feel work on your skin, and this is a self heating detox mask and it feels amazing. Also my skin feels super soft once i take it off. I use it once a week just before i am going to shower and i then normally just wash it off in the shower.

The last skin care product is The Body Shop's shower gel in Passion Fruit. I brought this in the Christmas sale because i thought it would be perfect to use in the summer. I started using it for the first time this month and the smell is incredible! It definitely reminds me of summer. If you don't like fruity senses, then i would stay clear of this one.


My Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac in Soft Grey has been my go to handbag this month. I reach for it every time i leave the house. It is the absolute perfect size for summer because it fits my keys, phone, purse and a few make-up items in there with still some room to spare!


I am a big lover of candles. I just think they make a room much more appealing when it smells lovely! I also find it hard to get summer candles that appeal to me. I am loving this one, by the Botanical Collection in Lemon Mint Flower (sold in Clinton Cards). I can't quite explain the smell, it's once of those where you have to go into the shop and take a big whiff! The scent isn't as strong when it's burning, it is very subtle, but i quite like that in the summer as you don't want something too over powering.

I have also been loving two DVD's and both for completely different reasons!
I have been really into trying to get healthier and fitter, ready for the summer (well any season really!) and Josie Gibson's 30 second slim is definitely playing a big part in helping me get there! I am on my third week doing this DVD and i am definitely seeing a chance in my body. I started out not being able to complete level one, embarrassingly i gave up half way through!! But i am now feeling like i am ready to tackle level 2!

The next is Orange Is The New Black. I am addicted to watching this programme! I absolutely love it and it never fails to make me laugh out loud. I am just coming to the end of series one (as i was late jumping on the band wagon) and i am so excited to watch series two!


As i am a majorly lover of food. I thought it deserved it's own heading and section! Metcalfe's sweet and salted popcorn is quite possibly the best popcorn i have ever tasted, and that my friends, is a pretty big statement! I never thought i would like it, as i am not a salted popcorn fan, but the combination together is amazing! I definitely urge you to go out and buy this popcorn and see for yourselves. If not for you, do it for your taste buds. They will thank you.

A book favourite

I am also very late on the band wagon with this one too. But nevertheless i am so hooked on the Divergent books! This isn't generally the kind of book i would reach out for and read. But since being bullied into reading the hunger games - and actually loving it, i thought i would give the much hyped about Divergent books a try. I have finished Divergent which i loved! I am now half way through Insurgent which is the second book in the trilogy. If you are looking for a book to read this summer, i suggest checking out the backs of these books because they are definitely ones that make you want to keep on reading!

What have you been loving this month?

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