Thursday, 26 June 2014

Statement necklaces on a budget

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As we all know, statement necklaces have become quite a big accessory trend. They can transform an outfit and make everything look more put together and thought about. As the trend has become bigger, even on the high street you can look at paying £10 and upwards.
So i thought i would share with you some of the statement necklaces i have found recently and really affordable prices..

The first necklace that landed on my door step was this one.

Upon ordering, i thought this was a more mint green shade, which is completely my own fault for jumping to conclusions because no where did it state it was mint green. Just from the photo it looked more pastel then actual green. Either way, i still love the colour of this necklace and it just brings a pop of colour to any outfit that is looking at bit plain.

I also really like how the top of the necklace has been made to look like little flowers, with the green gem in the middle and the clear gems around the outside!

This cost me just £2.18, and they also have it in a range of different colours too! You can pick this up from here.

The next one that i received was this little beauty. I wanted a necklace that was more neutral colours so that it could go with a more colourful outfit.

This looks so pretty on and is really girly and feminine with the three flowers. 

I also really like how the chain part is actually made of rope, i think this makes it look a lot more expensive than it actually is!

This cost me £2.29 and is also available in a variety of different colours. You can pick this up from here.

Last but not least is this beautiful necklace. This necklace is also the reason why i found all the others! I fell in love with a necklace which was listed on Boohoo but by the chance i got round to buying it, it was sold out! I waited a while and it seemed to make no appearance back on the site so i went to eBay to see if anyone had something similar or the same one.

I love everything about this necklace! I think it is just perfect for summer with the pastel pinks and mint greens.

I also like how some of the gem stones are light reflecting so it shows up different colours, depending upon what light you are in.

I think the ribbon also gives it that extra girly touch to it.

This was the most expensive out of the three necklaces as a whopping £2.52! You can get this from here.

I am very happy with all three necklaces, they all came really well packaged and all were delivered to me in one piece! They all took about a week and a half to get to me, which was less than the time they stated due to them not being within the United Kingdom. 

I would highly recommend these eBay sellers. I would also recommend shopping around as they often sell the same item but some are cheaper and some are more expensive. Also to look at their eBay seller rating - this shows what other eBayers have rated them.

Happy eBay shopping!
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  1. Love the pink and mint green one! Can't believe how cheap these were! x

    1. I know, they were a massive bargain!! :D x