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Fashion/Beauty Haul - June 2014

Good Morning!

I have been shopping over the last couple of weekends and i thought i would share with you some of the items that i have picked up. This is a mixed haul with both fashion and beauty items. 
So lets get stuck in!


The first place i went to was USC (formally Republic, even more confusing is that they are still using Republic bags!). I used to really like Republic and i found myself not really being drawn in when they changed over to USC, until last weekend that is when i was they had a 70% off sale. Thats enough to draw anyone in, I'm sure!
When i was in there i found myself being drawn to a few items, but i only came away with this playsuit. I love the different colours of blue that they have used and the little buttons down the front make it look really cute. I also thought the slightly longer sleeves made it look a bit different.

This is from the make Soul Cal and was originally priced at £25 but i managed to pick it up for £12.50! I picked up a size 10 and it fits me perfectly but i would suggest going more a bigger size if you are more busty as it is a little snug around the chest area. 
You can pick this up from here.


I have a slight love/hate relationship with H&M. Sometimes i will find absolutely everything and other times i can find nothing. I also like how some of the items you can pick up in H&M are really affordable and an absolute bargain, which brings me on to my purchase..

 Another playsuit! I am really liking playsuits this summer. I wasn't so overly keen last summer but after i got over the fact i had to get naked every time i wanted to go to the toilet, i started to really like them! What drew me towards this one is the pattern, it is not like anything i already own and i really like how the black and white compliment each other. I paired this with a black blazer, tights and a gold leaf necklace.
I thought this was a really great price at £12.99 (you can get it here) and the black and white makes it really flattering to wear.


My last clothing stop was Primark. I really like Primark, i can wonder around the shop for hours (unless it's Birmingham, then i just get really stressed out with the piles and piles of mess!). This is where i did the most damage, i think it must be the fact everything is so cheap that you keep on adding things into your basket. Until you get to the till and they tell you the total and then you can't exactly back out then (or can you?!)

I love flowers and bright colours for summer, so i have absolutely fallen head over heals for this dress! The quality feels really nice as well, i can not wait to start wearing it. This cost £13 (not available online)

I then found another dress that i really liked, but i was unsure how well it would suit me on. I am still not sure if it suits me, but i really like it and i love the statement necklace it comes with.

I ended up getting a size smaller than i originally picked up because it looked baggy around by my waist. The necklace really compliments the dress well, and there are also little hooks where you can unclip the necklace and wear it with another outfit too! This also cost me £13 (not available online).

I then found this really nice coral top which i thought would look really nice with some high waisted shorts.

I liked how the top crosses over at the back as it gives it a really girly touch. This cost me £6! (the shorts are from New Look, and i got them in the sale around Christmas time)

I then also picked up another top, again it's floral but the mix of colours is beautiful. It has blues, mint green, purple and bits of black, it is also slightly sheer and i think the collar separates it from all the other floral tops i own!

This was £8 (not available online)

I then made my way to the accessorises! I love Primark for statement necklaces as they always have really lovely ones at such good prices!

I really liked the look of this one. It is very simple and pretty without it being too statement like. I love the gold triangles and the pretty silver glitter inside. This was £3 (not available online)

I really like how this one is a bit more feminine as it has the flowers and some pearls. 

This cost £4


I then made my final stop at boots!
On a pervious weekend i picked up one of the No7 lipsticks in the Sheer Temptation range, because i had a no7 voucher. There was a few i had my eye on but i decided to go for 'Cuckoo Coral' because it is such a pretty orange/coral summer shade. But because i loved the hydrating formula so much, i went back and picked up two more! So i thought i would photograph them all for you.

I really like the reflecting packaging, i think it makes them look more expensive then they are!

Pretty Please (top), Cuckoo Coral (middle), Blooming Pink (bottom)
What i also really like about them is that they have SPF 15 in them!
You can find the Sheer Temptation range,  here. They are priced at £9.75 but are currently running an offer of buy one, get one half price and you can also use a no7 voucher on top of that!

I thought i would just pop this in at the end as i brought this from a little boutique shop and i thought it was so cute!
I am a majorly loving of lipsticks and i really like the quirky drawing with the little saying "lets make up". This make up bag is made out of canvas and has lots of room. My thoughts were to use it when i go on holiday because the bag is so light.

This cost me £6.99

I really hope you enjoyed this haul!

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