Saturday, 19 July 2014

Disneyland Paris: Princess Pavilion

Princess Pavilion

Do you have a child (or adult) that is Disney Princess obsessed? Then you will more than likely end up here!

Where is Princess Pavilion?

Princess Pavilion is situated in Fantasyland, next to It's A Small World. Prior to going into the Princess Pavilion, you need to get a ticket, which is just to your left (it's called The Old Mill), you will probably be able to see railings ready for the queues. 

Do i need to book in advance?

As far as i know, there is no booking in advance for the Princess Pavilion. It comes on a first come, first serve basis. Tickets are given out at 10.30 am, with a time slot. When it gets to your time, you will need to come back and que again (don't bother trying to arrive early either, we queued and arrived a bit earlier so we didn't miss our time and we was told to come back, even when there was only minutes to spare!)

When should i start queing for the ticket?

If you are staying in a Disney hotel, then the two hour early access to the park will become your best friend - seriously! Head down to the queue as early as you can because as soon as the park fully opens, the queue will get ridiculous!

Is there a good time to visit the Princess Pavilion?

When the weather isn't looking so great. My friend and myself, started queueing from about 9.45 am and by 10.30 am, the queue was big but not massive because it had started to dazzle and rain a bit. Coming from England, we are used to a bit of rain so we wasn't that bothered by it. But what did bother us was when we came back at our allocated time, they were literally giving away time slots. My guess is that because it was raining they didn't give away all the time slots. Which made a chance from the day before when we heard people queued for hours and by the time they got to the table to get a ticket they were all gone!

How long do you have to queue the second time?

If we didn't get there earlier than the allocated time, then probably about 10 minutes or less.

How do you find out what princess you are meeting?

Sadly, you don't, until you literally walk around the corner to meet them. 

Can you take your own photos?

You are allowed to take your own photographs, there is also a professional photographer there as well ready to take the shots you may have missed.

Is it worth it?

In my opinion, yes. We saw Rapunzel around the park a few times, but each time the queue varied from two and half hours to four! Which makes the hour we queued up seem nothing. Also what is better than seeing a child's face light up when they meet a Disney Princess?

Do you feel rushed?

Even though we were two young adults, we didn't feel rushed at all. We saw Belle from Beauty and the Beast and she asked us lots of questions and was happy to take lots of photographs with us.

Any further advice?

If there is two of you (two adults) and then the child(ren), then id advise one adult to wait in the ticket queue while the other adult takes the children on some rides. As lets me honest, as adults, the main reason why you would take a family holiday to Disneyland would be for the children, and they would just be bored standing in the line waiting, as an hour to them is probably half the day!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and that you found it helpful! If you have any questions that i didn't address above, then please write them down in the comments and i will try my best to answer them, the best i can!

As Summer is now approaching, i will be doing some random Saturday blogs, now that i have more time on my hands before i start my third year in September!

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  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! great post :) I'll tell my cousins about this place haha

    1. Thank you. I hope they enjoy it :D

      Katie x

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  2. Aww I would love to check this out!

    1. If you have enjoy time i would definitely recommend it :D after all what's Disneyland without the princesses?

      Katie x

  3. Aww this sounds like the sweetest place! <3

    It's so lovely you've shared this with us, it's a fab guide for anyone off to Disneyland Paris, I'm sure everyone will be wanting to go now ;)

    Sophie | soinspo xo

    1. It really was lovely :)
      Thank you, i thought it might be useful information as we hadn't heard about it before we went :)

      Katie x