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The Fairy Tale Tag

The Fairy Tale Tag!

I go to Disneyland Paris tomorrow, so i could not resist doing this tag before i go because i am so excited! 
I am such a big kid and i love anything Disney related.
Before i get into the tag i want to share with you something a little bit different! 
As iv stated above, i go Disneyland Paris with my friend for five days from the 6th July (which will be tomorrow!) to the 10th July. So i thought i would do some travel (and of course Disney) related blog posts! There will be a new blog post for everyday that i am away - thats five blogposts - YAY!

So lets get right into the tag...

(Please note: I edited the picture myself but the image is from google)

Snow White - Do you consider yourself beautiful?
Everyone has there own imperfections but i believe the imperfections make you unique and being unique is beautiful because you are one of a kind.

Sleeping Beauty - How many hours do you sleep a night?
I am definitely the kind of person who needs there sleep! I aim to have a good eight hours a night. Anything less than six and i would't bother trying to make conversation with me because my brain won't be able to function!

Cinderella - Do you have a curfew?
I don't, it is definitely one of the perks of being twenty three years old.

Rapunzel - Do you love being outside?
Yes! I love going for walks and sitting outside having lunch or dinner when the sun is shining. I also love the snow to a certain extent as i really dislike being cold. So when i get cold, i love to come inside and sit by the fire place and watch the snow fall outside the window.

Red Riding Hood - Do you trust strangers?
It depends how "strange" they are. If it was someone who i didn't know but my friend knew them then i wouldn't say i would trust them completely but i would trust my friends opinion. If i didn't know them at all then i would be very wary - i definitely wouldn't be telling them where my Grandma lives!

The Wolf and The Seven Young Kids - Are you easily fooled?
I am easily fooled over silly things but things on the more serious side i would start to question if i thought someone was having me on!

Beauty and The Beast - What makes someone beautiful in your eyes?
Having a personality that shines through and the ability to make me smile without them even trying. 

The Little Mermaid - What would you sacrifice for love?
Compromise is a massive thing in a relationship. But i also believe that if it is true love, you wouldn't have to sacrifice something massive or sacrifice something you really want for another person.

The Frog Princess - What do you find disgusting?
When someone doesn't keep themselves or their environment clean.

Jack and The Beanstalk - Do you have any plants?
Not unless you count the artificial ones sitting on my dresser.

Puss in Boots - Do you have any pets? If not, do you want them?
I always count my Dad's dog as mine too!

Bluebeard - What is your weak point?
I am very easily distracted!

Pinocchio - What is your biggest wish?
For my family, friends and myself to live a happy life

Peter Pan - What is your mental age?
Starting tomorrow (when i arrive in Disneyland) it will probably be about nine years old

The Star Money - What is your most valuable possession?
I have a bracelet that was my Nan's and she used to wear it all the time. It isn't valuable as such but it is something that is personally valuable to me.

Gold Mary & Pitch Mary - Are you a hard worker or a lazy one?
It depends. If it is something that interests me and i want to do it then i can work very hard to achieve it. 

The Snow Queen - Who is your best friend and what would you do for them?
I have three. I would do anything that would make them happy

The Princess and The Pea - Are you sensitive?
If something is sad, i will more than likely shed a bucket full of tears

Godfather Death - What qualities make a good parent?
I could go off on a right rant about this one. But i shall keep it short and sweet. Giving them unconditional love with the right amount of boundaries and support.

The Twelve Dancing Princesses/The Worn-out Dancing Shoes - Do you like parties? 
I do from time to time. But it also depends upon the occasion of the party

The Emperors New Clothes - Do you care a lot about your clothes?
I suppose to some extend, yes. I think someones clothes says a lot about a person because it's their preference of how they display themselves.

The Brave Little Tailor - Do you consider yourself brave?
I do, i have had to overcome a lot and i have come out a lot stronger and braver person. But if this question was spider related, it would be a no in big capital letters.

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