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Disneyland Paris: Santa Fe Hotel Review

Santa Fe Hotel Review

Hotel Santa Fe is one of the Disneyland resort hotels and there are seven in total. I have stayed in two of the seven. Both of them being the lowest in price and have two star reviews on there website, Hotel Cheyenne and Hotel Santa Fe. The most recent one i stayed at was Hotel Santa Fe. 

The main reason why i decided to do this blog post was, when my friend and myself were thinking of booking it, i couldn't find any in detail reviews and if they were, they were bad. Which lead us to worry what the hotel was going to be like and after having not such a great experience at Hotel Cheyenne, we began to worry.

So you may be asking, what were some of the bad reviews saying? They ranged from the rooms not being very clean to having things stolen from there safes. But from my experience i can honestly say, i couldn't fault in hotel in any way, such there is things i would change and little nick picky stuff, but nothing major, and this is why...

From the moment we got there, we received such a warm welcome. The main behind the desk checking us in was so helpful. He literally went through everything and we were there for a good 10/15minutes talking to him (when normally they try and get through the que as quick as possible!). He even asked at the end if there was anything we wanted him to repeat! Like the ditsy person that i am, i brought the wrong travel plug! But the people in reception were so helpful and gave me one that i could borrow until the end of my stay.

The room was clean, tidy and everything worked. The safe had a code number which you was asked to change when you went into the room so that only you could access it - this made us feel better. The maids came into the rooms and changed the bedding and cleaned the rooms every single day without fail. We also really liked the interior because it was Disney Cars themed, so it really made it feel like we was in Disney! There was a few Disney Characters wandering around the hotel (often found in the reception)

The shuttle bus came every 10 minutes from the bus stop which took you into the parks. The journey was only around four minutes - which is great if you have eager and excited kids!

We had breakfast included, when we booked our holiday and when we checked in we was also given another voucher were we could eat somewhere else in the park for breakfast one morning. 

Some of the cons (which are not really cons!)

The breakfast was very bread based and there was not a lot of option at all. But the food that was there was very nice and still hot!

You had to book a time slot for breakfast (which could be done in the morning or the night before). This was never really a problem for us, but i can imagine that it would be for some. Especially with children, as you never know when you are going to be ready to go! But if we was a bit earlier then they just let us go through anyway. I would advise going earlier to breakfast than later as it gets very busy.

There is only Wifi in reception. Which again, didn't really bother us as we were on holiday. But i can imagine it could be quite annoying for some people who still need to receive there emails.

The shower was also not very powerful and having long hair, it is a bit of a pain trying to get all the shampoo out! But i am also still trying to find a hotel that does have a powerful shower!

Overall verdict

Cleanliness 9/10
Rooms 8/10
Location 8/10
Value for money 9/10
Service 9/10
Food 6/10
Access to the parks 9/10 (you also receive a ticket that gives you two hour early access to the park before everyone else)
Would i recommend this hotel to a friend - yes

If you have anymore question about Hotel Santa Fe, then please don't hesitate to write them in the comments section below and i will try my hardest to answer them.

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  1. That's so great you enjoyed your time at the hotel; it's fantastic you have done a review about the hotel, it's always nice to get a clearer picture of what a place is like and I'm sure it will prove helpful to anyone wanting to stay there :)

    So glad you didn't have any problems; it's always such a worry when you hear about things being stolen etc. A warm welcome always puts you at ease, and the shuttle sounds really convenient!

    Glad you had a lovely holiday <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo