Wednesday, 9 July 2014

What's in my hand luggage?

What's in my hand luggage?

This is the bag that i will be taking around the parks with me. I thought it was the most sensible since it's a backpack, so it will be easier to carry things around in.
I have my phone which is an iPhone 5
I will also be taking my camera in my hand luggage but because i am using it to take these photos, it's not there at the moment! - Samsung MV800
My inflight entertainment will be my iPod Nano. I normally take my Kindle as well, but because it is only an hour and 20 minute flight, i tried to limit what i was going to take.
Of course, i needed to get in the Disneyland spirit early to i picked up some Disney Princess sweets from Poundland!
I always keep my sunglasses in my hand luggage in case they get broken in my suitcase - also you never know how sunny it is going to be when you get off the plane!!

(I picked these up from TkMaxx at a bargain price! They were £119 reduce to £19)

I hunted high and low for a purse that was small enough for me to carry around all the time but had all the necessary card slots, coin space and a place to hold the notes! As i will more than likely be carrying around park ticks and the hotel key card, so i don't want to risk anything falling out by mistake! 
I then came across this one in Primark. I have been really into the colour blue recently, so the colour was definitely a winner and it had everything i needed it to. So for £4 it was an absolute bargain!

(My nail varnish even matches here!)

I wish i could explain how much love i have for this travel wallet. When i get a chance to use it i get so excited because it is so beautiful!

I really love the design too with the airplanes and the maps, it just gives it that extra travel vibe!

There is labelled sections for every information that you will need (see the photograph above)

I think the inside is really unique and there is lots of hidden pockets and slots to store more documents.

I hope you found this blog useful, if you are going or planning to go on holiday this year. As i stated up the top, i don't have an awful lot in because it is only a very short haul flight and because i am not going on a beach holiday i won't need entertainment (such as my kindle) for lying by the pool or the beach. So i kept it small.

If you're into beauty and make-up then tomorrow's blog post may be of interest to you!

What's in you're hand luggage back?
Where are you jetting off to this summer?

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