Sunday, 28 December 2014

Zoella and Ghostwriting

There has been something in particular that has led me to write this post, and that is the comments that have been written under WHSmith's youtube video "Zoella Tells Us About Her Book 'Girl Online".
I am guessing everyone who is reading this will have heard of Zoella. She is a 24 year old Youtube and Beauty Blogger from Brighton. She started her blog in 2009 which then led her onto Youtube and being offered an amazing opportunity by Penguin to write a book. 'Girl Online' was released on the 25th November 2014, recently there has been a lot of controversy around the book being ghostwritten.

I think many people are forgetting that Zoe has no experience in writing books (apart from when she was younger and loved the write short stories. However i also did that, and could not go out and write a book!), she writes wonderfully on her blog, but writing a book is a whole other level. Lets be honest, if you had the opportunity to write a book, would you take it? If you was offered some help and guidance in formatting and the way the chapters flowed and writing techniques, would you take that? Having no writing experience, i know i would. The characters and the story of the book was thought up by Zoe herself, she just needed a little help in putting it together. I think the hate she has received is dreadful, through looking at the comments on the WHSmiths video, i couldn't help feeling so sad for Zoe. She has put her heart and soul into thinking of the story line, the characters, their personalities and putting bits and pieces together, and the fact is, we don't know how much or how little the book was actually ghostwritten. I personally, don't think she deserves all the hate she has received. People forget that Zoe is only 24 years old, she started off just by writing a blog and a youtube channel, she is just an average girl, like you and me.

Lets not forget there are many celebrities that have used ghostwriters when publishing there books. Even singers use ghostwriters to write their songs.

It can be so easy to type something over the internet and not realise how much hurt and upset it can create. Think about what you type, before you type it. Would you be ok to read it if it was aimed at you? If not, then think how the person it is about is going to feel when they read it.
Cyberbullying is not ok.

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