Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blogmas Day 9: My favourite Christmas films

Christmas films make the festive build up so much more exciting! I love snugging up with a soft throw, a hot chocolate with a Christmas film playing in the background while i wrap some presents! 

My ultimate favourite is Miracle on 34th Street, it always makes me feel super festive and really excited for the festive season. I also think it has such a lovely Christmas meaning behind it, that instead of presents, she wants a family, and family is what Christmas is all about. Sometimes i think the true meaning of Christmas is forgotten in some films and that they are too based around presents.

A couple more of my favourites that arent pictured above is Elf and the Home Alone series. The reason i don't have these on DVD is that they are constantly on the TV around Christmas, so i definitely won't be able to miss them when they come on, especially if i record them!

What are your favourite Christmas films?

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  1. Nothing beats ELF! x

  2. The holiday is a brilliant film xox