Saturday, 6 December 2014

Blogmas Day 6: Stocking Fillers under £5

Happy blogmas day 6!! Since i had done two blog posts already on gift ideas for him and her, i thought i would carry on the gift ideas with some stocking fillers! To me, stocking fillers are cheap inexpensive gifts, which is why i have come up with seven £5 or under gift ideas to put in your loved ones stocking this year.

So lets start with stocking fillers for her..

Elephant ring tidy - £4.99 - I really love this gift idea and its perfect for anyone who owns a lot of rings and needs somewhere to keep them without getting lost! I especially like that its an elephant, it makes the whole idea super cute! 

Selfie photo props - £5.00 - There always needs to be one joke present hidden in the stocking, and i think this would be perfect for anyone who loves taking a good selfie!

Candle sampler - £1.80 - These are the perfect stocking fillers for anyone who has a love for candles. Also there are such really lovely Christmas scents too! Even though they are samplers, you can still get a good 15 hours worth of burning time.

Refresher spray - £3.00 - I love having little sprays like this to freshen up the room or some clothes that may have been sat in the draw for a while. It also comes with a really nice little bag and bow! 

Lush bath bomb - £3.50 - Any bath bomb that your the woman in your life loves! For me though, i love these lush bath bombs, especially the christmas pudding!

Nail polish - £2.99 - Anything beauty related really. These nail polishes by Barry M are a bargain at only £2.99!

Phone case - £2.49 - You are able to get some really lovely phone cases off eBay for such a bargain price. I especially love this one which has floating glitter in it. Perfect for the festive season.

Stocking fillers for him..

Beer shower gel - £5 - This is definitely a good stocking filler for any male in your life that loves a good drink! 

Grow a girlfriend - £2.04 - Not for the easily offended! 

Niva sensitive post balm shave - £5.00 - Any skincare would be a great stocking filler! Especially if you know the products that he likes to use.

Wooly hat - £5.00 - I really like the cable knit detailing on this one. Who doesn't want their head warm in the winter?

Bracelets - £4.00 - I think these brown woven bracelets are the perfect stocking filler, if the male in your life like a bit of arm candy! 

DVD - Everyones tastes are so broad when it comes to DVDs, but if listen out carefully you might hear him say when a advert comes out that looks good!

Chocolate - Pick up his favourite chocolate as you can never go wrong with that.

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  2. Great picks x