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Winter Wonderland!

Winter Wonderland is a festive event that is held in Hyde Park, London. It starts at the end of November until the beginning of January (21st November 2014 until 4th January 2015. Please note it is closed Christmas Day). Winter Wonderland is free entry, but if you want to do any of the attractions inside Winter Wonderland then you need to purchase the tickets online beforehand. There are over 200 Christmas stalls, selling gifts and unique items, as well as places to eat and drink.

The optional attractions that you have to pay for are:

  • Ice Skating
  • The Circus 
  • The Magical Ice Kingdom
  • Giant Big Wheel (there is an option for a private pod and a bottle of Champagne for an extra cost!)
  • Any rides within Winter Wonderland

The prices of the attractions vary, depending if you attend Winter Wonderland in peak or off-peak season. Off-peak is 24th-27th November and on the 2nd January. The rest is peak times.

There is an option to go into Santa Land and meet Santa, this is also free, Santa also gives each child a gift. There is entry into his grotto everyday from 10 am until 6pm.

I went to Winter Wonderland for the first time last year. So i thought it would be an appropriate time to write a review and share my experiences with you all. I went on the 14th December, so very close to Christmas, and as you can see from the photo above, it was heaving with people! The queue to get into Winter Wonderland was ridiculous, i have never seen so many people. Don't fear though, if you have pre brought tickets to any of the attractions inside you get to skip the massive queue! Something i wish i knew before i went!

My friend and myself pre-book tickets online to do The Magical Ice Kingdom and Ice-skating. For the two attractions it cost us £24 each. Which is pricey, but taking into account the entrance is free and that it is in the central of London, around Christmas time, i was willing to pay the prices.

The Magical Ice Kingdom


I would a hundred percent recommend going to visit this! It is like nothing i have ever experienced. Literally everything inside is made of ice. It is phenomenal. 

Inside, it is freezing. As you would expect, as they need to keep all the ice from melting! So i would definitely recommend wrapping up warm and bringing gloves with you. There is a little stand by the exit which sells hot chocolate though - amazing.

I was feeling very brave here, and took off my gloves just for the photograph. My fingers felt like they were literally going to drop off - ok, it wasn't that bad, but they were very cold.

The detailing on all the sculptures were amazing. I absolutely loved being inside there. I now really want to go to an ice bar!


I have never been the greatest lover of ice skating. Not since i went with my Mum and Dad for my birthday when i was young. My mum slipped over and banged her head on the ice. Ever since i would not go! This day though, i decided i wanted another go. As watching all the people whizz around on dancing on ice, made it look like it was super easy. It is not super easy.

I did not move away from the edge the whole time! It felt like i was on there for a good hour, but in fact i think it was only 10 minutes. I now know that, i love the idea and watching people ice-skate, but ice-skating is definitely not for the uncoordinated, much like myself.

Not to mention, the ice skating boots really hurt my feet!
I am sure this would have been an amazing and really enjoyable experience for someone who loves ice-skating. 

I really liked the idea of the big wheel. Especially being able to see the amazing views from up the top. I am just not a fan of being up the top, it stopping and then someone who thinks they are being hilarious and they start rocking. 

Of course, it is only right that Santa has his own little pub!

I thoroughly enjoyed my day at Winter Wonderland, i would definitely recommend it to anyone. It is really easy to get to if you live outside London, like myself. I travelled by Train and then go onto the Tube. 

If you would like to find out more information about Winter Wonderland, then you can click here, for there official website.

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  1. I so want to go! x

    1. Its amazing. I would recommend it to anyone who loves anything festive! Just the crowds can get a bit much the closer you go to Christmas, as would anything i suppose :)

      Katie x