Monday, 13 October 2014

An evening with Miranda Hart

On Saturday i went to Wembley Arena, with my Auntie and saw "Miranda Hart's My, What I Call, Live Show".

She was

I have always been a big fan on hers on her own hit TV show "Miranda". I wasn't too sure how she would come across on a big stage with just her. As normally, her witty comments and humour is normally, (but not always) shared with one of her co-stars, Stevie. Miranda held her own and there was never a point where i thought the humour, kind of lacked. 

I don't want to tell you much about what happens within the show itself, as you may be thinking about going to see her or you might have already booked your tickets. I would then completely spoil the element of surprise for you all.

The Wembley Arena was packed out with 10,000 people!! Can you believe that?! 10,000 people!! She interacted with the audience through out, it was, what i call, such fun! 

(This was my first time up close to Wembley Stadium too!)

 (Miranda's finale was brilliant! Most people got up and left because they thought it was the end, as it was her showing clips on the big screens. Don't be fooled, she comes back for more!!)

A sneaky peak into the programme..

To say that i really enjoyed my evening, would be an understatement. Miranda is someone who can relate to anyones 'awkward moments' and she's not afraid to share a few of her own! The next time she does a tour, i will definitely be getting myself another ticket to see her! 
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  1. I love Miranda! x