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My Top 9 A/W Lip Products

I thought i would share with you all my top 9 Autumn (Fall) and Winter lip products. The reason that it is 9 instead of 10 is because i didn't want to just throw another lip product in there to round to total up. 

Shade 13 - MUA
Shade 40 - YSL (Rouge Pur Couture)
Rose Lustre - Avon
All Out Gorgeous - MAC (mineralize rich)
Wild One - Seventeen 
Ice Bloom - Clinque
Eclipse Rimmel (Apocalips)
Macaroon - Revlon (Lip butter)
Galaxy - Rimmel (Apocalips)

Last season was the first time i had ventured into the darker lip scene. So i am still getting used to seeing darker products on my lips. As i am quite pale skinned, i also worry that if i go too dark then it will wash me out. I think i have rounded up a good selection, of what i consider, to be my favourite A/W lippies!

Let's start with some swatches on the lip products that you have seen above..

When it comes to lip swatches, i think they always look a bit different from on your hand to on your lips. I don't know if its because of the different shade of skin tone, or the fact that your lips already have a pink shade in them anyway, but i thought i would show you what they look like on both. Hand and lip swatches.

Clinque - Ice Bloom
This is classed as a "pearlised violet rose". It applies really easily, its moisturising and it lasts on the lips for ages. Its the longest wearing lipstick that i own. I worn this a lot last season, and i can imagine this season will be no different!

MUA - Shade 13
Whatever season it is, every girl needs red in her collection. On camera it shows it to be an orange red, but to me it is a red, red. No matter what light i put it in though it shows slightly orange. The pigmentation is amazing, theres no complaints over here, especially for £1.

Seventeen - Wild One
I feel like i talk about this product too much. Surprisingly, i don't think i have mentioned it on my blog yet. I think this is a perfect product for someone who wants to try wearing red and more bold lipsticks but needs to start feeling comfortable wearing them. This is a super pigmented red lipgloss and because its a lipgloss, it doesn't seem as harsh on the lips as a lipstick would. Its not overly sticky and the lasting power is pretty good. I wear this on days were i want to have a bright lip but i don't want to go as bold as a red lipstick.

 Avon - Rose Lustre
This was my first plunge into wearing darker lips. As you can see its not overly dark, but has a nice natural, berry tone going on with some gold flecks throughout. It applies really evenly, but the lasting power isn't as brilliant as all the rest. I don't generally like lipsticks that have obvious flecks of glitter in either, but there is something about this lipstick that keeps me coming back! It really reminds me of winter.

Revlon Lip Butter - Macaroon
I really love the formula of the Revlon Lip Butters. They have really moisturising and last on the lips a long time (but you do have to reapply if your eating or drinking!). The photo makes the colour more bright than i would say it was. I would class this shade as a mid-dark pink shade.

YSL - Shade 40

This is another one that looks lightly brighter through photographs. I really love this shade. I think it is so easy to wear and would suit anyone. The formula is a lovely and has a really nice sheen finish. It also lasts really well on the lips, which is a good bonus. 

MAC - All Out Gorgeous

This is the first mineralized lip product i have tried from MAC. The formula is super moisturising and creamy and it applies really well to the lips. It also has a scent, i can't really put my finger on what it smells like, but it smells good! 

Rimmel (Apocalips) - Galaxy

I am a big 'apocalips' fan. I own pretty much all of the collection. So it is safe to safe, i love the formula. It is very pigmented and gives an even coverage. You can also build the colour up as well if you wish. It was a lovely sheen finish as well. I would class this as a red/pink with purple undertones.

Rimmel(Apocalips) - Eclipse

The darkest lip product from the collection. As i have said above i love the formula of the Apocalips. I would class them as a liquid lipstick, because the pigmentation is amazing but they have the formula and shine of a lipgloss. The staying power is really good, they generally last a good couple of hours before i started eating or drinking.

What is your favourite lip product for A/W?

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  1. Great post, I love all of these colours :) many thanks for visiting my blog!

    Camille xo

  2. All out Georgous is amazing!
    P x

  3. They're all fab! I love it - particularly the MAC All Out Gorgeous!

    Jessica |