Thursday, 7 August 2014

KIKO Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette

First impressions: KIKO Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette

KIKO is not a brand i am very familiar with. I have heard many people mention them but i have never come across a store or tried any of their products for myself. I went to Westfield in London last weekend and came across their store, so i thought i would pick up something to try.

There was many products that caught my eye, but i limited myself due to not knowing if the brand was worth my money. I decided on the KIKO Street Fashion Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Harmonic Swings.

The colours are all very neutral, which i love. They have also some unusual neutrals that aren't like anything i have in other nude palettes. There is also a very big mirror which to me is an extra bonus.

One of the things that took me by surprise was the level of pigmentation. They are very highly pigmented and the colour payoff is the same as the colour in the pan.

The first eyeshadow is a very pretty white with shimmers running through it. I will generally use this as a highlight for the inner corners of my eyes. 
The next is a matte black, i didn't own a matte black until this palette, so i am sure it will come in very handy.
Then there is a matte dark brown, which if you hair is dark enough could be used as an eyeshadow filler.
Then one of my favourite of the palette is this beautiful matte maroon, wine, brown colour. It is not like anything i own and will definitely be worn lots in the colder months.
Last but not least, is my favourite from the palette. This is a slightly shimmery khaki green which has a hint of brown in. When first buying this palette, this was the eyeshadow i thought i would wear the least. But because it is more of a dark khaki green/brown, it sits nicely within the neutral shades.

I have worn these eyeshadows once so far and i am very impressed with there staying power. They lasted throughout the day (with primer) and only towards the end of the day could you see the eyeshadow starting to wear.

Overall my first impressions of this palette is fantastic, and i can't wait to explore and try more of KIKO products.

This eyeshadow palette retails at £14.99, but is currently in the sale for £5! - Bargain!

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  1. I love the look of this palette! the colors are beautiful indeed!

  2. These colours look so unique and pretty!
    I just dropped by to say thanks for the Liebster nomination a while ago :) I finally got around to writing my post haha

  3. I love the eye shadow colours!

    1. I saw drawn too them as soon as i saw them - the sale price helped too ;)

      Katie x