Monday, 11 August 2014

Coronation Street Tour

Yesterday i went to the Coronation Street Tour!
It was amazing 

When i heard they were opening the set for the public i was right onto Ticketmaster finding out more information! I am a big Corrie fan and i really enjoy the humour that gets rolled into the soap. I thought the ticket price was really reasonable at £16.50. They could of easily bumped up the price, knowing full well people would still pay it. I can honestly say it was well worth £16.50 and i would of paid more for what we got to see.

Our tour guide was called Scarlett, and she was fantastic! She included humorous jokes and banter throughout the whole guided tour, and of course, she was checking out our Corrie knowledge!

The first half of the tour (which is around 50 minutes), is all inside, which sadly you aren't allowed to take photographs. But it was full of behind the scenes secrets, sets, costumes and lots more! (I won't go into too much detail for the readers who are attending in the coming months). 

The last part of the tour is unguided, where you can wander around the cobbles at your own pace, taking photos outside Gail's house or having a nose in some of the gardens! 

Sadly, the weather wasn't brilliant when we went, but luckily it stopped raining long enough for us to enjoy the streets of corrie without the down pour of rain!

But, it wouldn't be a true Corrie experience without a little bit of rain, right?!

The Coronation Street Tour is running until October, i am unsure if there are still tickets available but you can find out, here.

As i live in the Midlands, my friend and i, stayed at a Premier Inn within Manchester on the Saturday night. This resulted in a cheeky shopping trip to the Trafford Centre, so keep your eyes peeled for a haul on Thursday!
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  1. Oh wow! This looks like such a fun day out, especially as you are a big Coronation Street fan :) In agreement with you that the pricing was very reasonable, especially as the show is so popular. So glad you enjoyed it, I love things like this as it's so nice to give the viewer a chance to peek behind the scenes ;)

    I did a similar thing years back in Leeds with a tour of the Emmerdale studios
    (embarrassing really, I'm such a massive fan, so much so that I have old 90s episodes recorded on VHS haha.. and still watch them!!) But the tour was really great, I enjoyed seeing all the "houses", they all looked really tiny compared to what they look like on TV, and the ceilings were made up of cameras, surreal really! They've stopped the tours now, but I reckon they should definitely do more tours like this, and the Corrie one, always such a fab day out for fans xo

    Excited to see more of your haul! <3

    Sophie | soinspo

    1. Yeah it was so much fun, i really enjoyed it! Did you?! I would LOVE to go to the Emmerdale one, i never even knew that they had done one!! I am a MASSIVE Emmerdale fan - more than Corrie! Haha. So i am very jealous! I will have to keep my eyes and ears out for when they do another one!
      Yeah, thats something that shocked me about the Corrie one was how small everything is. Like the Rovers Return is TINY but it looks massive on the TV screens, its amazing what they can do with the angle of the camera!
      Aww thank you, it is only small but i thought i would share it none the less, it will be up tomorrow :)

      Katie x

  2. How amazing, it must be so much fun to go onto the set of a much-loved soap. Hurrah for a bit of shopping as well!

    1. Aww yeah it was lovely, and very well done too!
      Definitely love a bit of shopping!

      Katie x

  3. That's really kool you got to experience that!
    I would like to go to the Hollyoaks set x


    1. It was really good, if you ever get a chance to visit the Hollyoakes set then i would definitely recommend seeing something like this! :)

      Katie x

  4. Great post xx

    Laura Macij