Thursday, 28 August 2014

Cheshire Oaks Outlet Haul

If you have seen my last blog post then you will know that i went to Chester for the day last Saturday. I went to Cheshire Oaks and into Chester itself. I only picked up a few little bits but i thought i would share them with you nonetheless.

One of the first shops that we went into was Osprey London. It wouldn't of generally been a shop i would of been drawn into, mostly because of how expensive everything is. But there was a massive sign in the window saying they were having a sale. So we thought we'd try our luck!

I found this beautiful orange/red suede and leather pouch. I have no idea what i intend to put in it, but a pouch is always handy and useful for something!  

I also fell in love with the handbag, that had the same kind of design. But i was very good and managed to resist its beauty.

 The pouch was originally £55, reduced down to £29 and then reduced again to £12.50! Which i thought was a major bargain and i was super happy with that price.

Next, we was drawn into the Yankee Candle store! I love candles, especially Christmas candles, mainly because i love Christmas, and anything that has that spicy, christmas smell gets me so excited for the festive season! So when i saw these little mini sample sized Christmas candles, there was no doubt in my mind that they would be coming home with me. What was even better is that i have only ever tried and smelt Christmas Eve - which is an iconic candle for the obvious reasons.

The names of the candles inside are: (from left to right) Christmas Garland, Candy Cane Lane, Angel's Wings, Icicles and Christmas Eve. The sticker on the back said that it was reduced to £7.99, but i am pretty sure last year when i brought a set pretty much the same, just different candles, it was also £7.99. So i am not completely convinced it was reduced, but either way, i am super happy with my Christmas candles! 
Just a side note: i generally don't start buying things for Christmas (candles included) until at least the middle of September (i know even that it super early for some, but i love the festive season and i also like to be really organised!), but i saw them and i could not of left them behind!

Up next was The Cosmetic Company Store. I love this shop. I could of easily spent a small fortune within this shop. But i limited myself to one purchase. 

I have never tried a lipstick from the Minerallize Rich Lipstick range from MAC, all i knew about them was that they are more expensive that the other MAC lipsticks!

I was drawn to this colour out of all the ones that were there. I swatched it on my hand, not knowing whether i was going to like it or not. As it looked pretty dark.

I was pleasantly surprised that it was a beautiful dark berry red shade. As i have pale skin, i have to be careful with the shade of lipsticks i choose, so that they don't wash me out - summer is a lot easier to shop for lipsticks than autumn and winter! But this is definitely an autumn/winter shade.

I would say it is slightly darker in real life than it is showing on the swatch. This is in the shade 'All Out Gorgeous' and retails for £20, and i picked it up for £14. This is also still available to purchase on the MAC website.

After we had finished looking around Cheshire Oaks, we made our way into the town centre - mainly to visit Central Perk which can be found in my last blog post. But while we was there we stopped off in LUSH. I have recently read a review of Ultrabland (this can be found here), the more i read, the more i wanted to buy this product! I have always loved the idea of the Emma Hardie cleansing balm, but sadly it is out of my price budget so i thought this could be a nice little alternative! 

I used it last night, and so far i am impressed! This is £6.95 for a 45g tub or £10.95 for a 100g tub, and can be found here.

The last but not least item i brought was the bubblegum lip scrub form LUSH. I brought this before, and i absolutely loved it. My lips tend to get very dry and chapped in the winter which then makes it horrible and awkward to wear lipsticks! This little tub was a lipsaver. The only thing that slightly annoyed me was the expiration date. I still had half a tub left when it went out of date. Normally i don't abide by these dates - bad, i know! But since it is sugar i thought id better. Not that i know what happens to sugar after its out of date? But i just didn't fancy rubbing out of date food on my lips! 

This cost £5.50 and can be found here.

What is your favourite outlet shopping centre?

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  1. I love the lipsticks! x

    1. I can't wait to start wearing it! :)

      Katie x

  2. Love the lipsticks, and you got an amazing blog! I'll follow you !

    Xo isabel

    1. Aww thank you so much :)
      I have followed you back!

      Katie x

  3. Some good finds! You go gal!

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