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Film review - Divergent

I watched the film Divergent for the first time last night, and i could not wait to blog about it so you have a cheeky Sunday blog post!

When Divergent came out at the Cinema, i had not read any of the books. But i thought the film looked really good and people told me that the books were really good too. So i thought i would leave seeing it at the cinema and read the book. I have now read all three and absolutely love them!

I have had Divergent on my rental reserve list on Lovefilm since the release date and it landed on my doorstep on Friday! I was a like a little kid at Christmas, i could not wait to watch it, but my parents also wanted to watch it so i said i would wait and watch it with them on the Saturday night.

It was interesting to get there take on the film since they had not read the books. My mum thought there was a lot of information to take in, within a short period of time and at times she felt confused. As i have read the book and understand the background of the Factions i did not feel this confusion. So i thought i would give the non-book readers a simple low down, in hope the film doesn't confuse you so much.

There are five factions. The factions were brought into place to keep the peace after the war.

Abnegation - The selfless
Candor - The honest
Amity - The peaceful
Dauntless - The brave
Erudite - The intelligent 

So lets actually get into the film..

I found the film follows the book storyline really well, i only noticed a few things that the film missed out - which on the scale of things is pretty good going. I am really taking a liking to the actress Shailene Woodley, i first saw her on screen in The Fault In Our Stars and i loved her in that too. I think she really connects with her role and does a brilliant job of portraying Beatrice Prior. Theo James also played his character, Four brilliantly, he really came across as this tough instructor, but i like how you saw him soften in certain places in the film - but still keeping that stern and serious look on his face.
I think they cast the Divergent series perfectly, every actor/actress played the characters perfectly and really brought them to life from how they were portrayed in the book.
One thing that really stood out differently from the book to the film was the lack of tension between the initiates. Within the book you get to really feel and read the tension that is building and some of the consequences that happen, you get to feel it building up from little things to bigger things. I kind of felt that there was not much tension between them all within the film and the scene where the initiates try to push Tris off the edge, doesn't really have any story behind it. It didn't really feel like it had a meaning. Just more that they just decided to put it in there, as all you get to see is some mean things said from Peter to Tris. 

But nevertheless...
I absolutely loved the film, so much so, i want to watch it all over again. If you haven't seen the film yet, then i definitely urge you to watch it, and if you haven't read the book, i would definitely urge you more to read them!

I can not wait for the next two films to be released - i may be waiting a few years though!

Have you seen Divergent? What did you make of the film?
Have you also read the books? How do you feel the book compares to the film?

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  1. I love this series! I just finished the last book about a month or so ago. Honestly, I like the film because they didn't add things that didn't happen but I hated how so much was left out. Like when they are all jumping off the train for the very first time, a girl died and fell to the bottom. In the moving, it would of showed that Dauntless risk everything. I personally, didn't like the characters chosen for the movie. I don't know what it is, looks, acting, I'm not sure. I don't hate them though. But I'm definitely looking forward to the next two movies, they are going to be amazing!

    -briannaly xo.

    1. Thank you so much for posting, it is really interesting to hear someone else's point of view who has also read the books!
      I know, i am super excited for the other two, a part of me is hoping they will change the ending of the third film as i wasn't really won over by how they ended it. I kind of felt it let the rest of the books down.

      Katie x