Saturday, 2 August 2014

DIY Kopparberg Ice-lollies

Kopparberg Fixed Fruit, is my all time favourite summer drink! I was also one of the many people sucked into the April Fools joke, that they was bringing out ice lollies. Needless to say it wasn't true and i was left feeling rather disappointed!
So i took it upon myself to create my own Kopparberg ice-lolly. This was the first attempt, so i wasn't even sure it would work. As i know some alcohol doesn't freeze, but for the sake of having my favourite summer drink in an ice lolly, i willing to give it a try!

Lets start off by saying that Kopparberg is an alcoholic drink so only this is only suitable for over 18's. Kopparberg has recently started doing non alcoholic drinks, so for those that are under 18, the recipe will work the same for that.

You will need -

  • Your favourite Kopparberg drink
  • Ice lolly moulds
  • A bottle opener
I brought my ice lolly moulds from Next a few weeks ago.

Once you have everything laid out and ready to go, you will need to take the bottle cap off the bottle. Then just start pouring in the Kopparberg into the ice lolly moulds. 

Make sure you leave a bit of space at the top (i would leave more space than i did, as mine slightly over flowed!) as it will swell when its frozen.

Then you just need to pop the lids back on the ice lolly moulds and put them in the fridge freezer!

While you are waiting for the ice lollies to freeze, you can sit in the sunshine with the remainder of your Kopparberg!

Keep checking on them and depending on how well items freeze in your freezer they should be ready to eat in a few hours! (Mine took around four hours)

So sit back in the sunshine and enjoy your delicious new summer treat!

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  1. so yummy! x

    1. They are definitely needed for these summer days! :)


  2. I think I might try this with a kopparberg (did i spell that right?) type of drink in my town(:

    1. You did! I hope you enjoy them as much as i do! :)

      Katie x