Thursday, 19 February 2015

Getting Started: Gym Haul

Getting Started: Gym Haul

If you saw my post a couple of weeks ago, you will know that i joined a gym! Having not previously brought any gym gear, i headed to the shops to take the leap. I knew gym wear was expensive, so i tried to keep the cost down as much as possible. 

I brought two black pairs of gym tights (?!) 
The one of the left was from Sports Direct - £18
The one on the right was from Matalan - £14

I found it hard to find sports bra's that had padding in them. I want padding for a number of reasons, one being i don't particularly want my nipples on show through the material and the second, if i didn't have any padding, then i would look like a washboard. 

As you can see they also have breathable backs too!

These were both from Sports Direct
The black one was on sale (yay!) for £4

The white was £6

However, the tops is what i had the most trouble with! Why on earth are all gym tops lycra and show all your lumps and bumps?! That is definitely not what i am looking for!
I ended up going into New Look and purchasing two tops that were light weight and slightly longer to hide any potential camel toe from the gym tights!
These were both £6.99

I have already got a swimsuit. But i thought it was practical to pick up another. This ones from Matalan and cost £12

I picked up these sports socks from Asda for £3.50

I also needed a water bottle that i could keep in my gym bag. I got this from Matalan for £4, i especially like the fact you can freeze the middle bit in the summer to keep your water nice and cold.

I have also ordered a Polar Ft4 heart rate monitor watch.
This hasn't come yet but i am so super excited to use it and to see how many calories i burn from each workout. I will be doing a review on this once i have used it for a few months.
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