Monday, 2 February 2015

Ice bar London

I went to the Ice bar in London last a few weekends ago and i just thought i would share with you my thoughts of the experiences. The idea has always been something that intrigued me, a bar full of complete ice?! So when my boyfriend suggested that we go to one in London, i jumped at the chance - quite literally!

The Icebar is within easy reach, just off Recents Street and its situated in a cute little square with lots of different restaurants and bars, it is definitely how i imagine London in the evenings with pretty flowers and fairy lights.

Once we got into the Icebar entrance, we was asked to join a long queue, however, this didn't last long and we was all seen to very quickly. All the staff were so lovely and helpful, and definitely had a knack when it came to throwing the cloak over your head! You are provided with a cloak which has a hood and mittens attached, as it is -5 inside - brrrrrr.

The first drink was free, and the whole cup was made out of ice! Which was pretty cool. We paid for another two drinks (one for each of us) and it came to a whopping £13!! It wasn't like the cups were big either, however, we could tell that they put a lot more alcohol in the second lot, obviously because this one wasn't free!

The whole place was so much smaller than i thought it would be! Like, literally tiny! Once all those people are in there, its hard to see everything and move around because its so small, which was a bit of a disappointment. 

It was a lovely experience and i am glad that iv finally experienced it. However, i don't think i will be paying another visit.

Whats included in the price:
The price is £16 each
You get 40 minutes within the Ice Bar (which believe me, is more than enough, as there isn't much to do and you will be freezing!)
A choice of one drink

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  1. This looks sooo cool. xox