Monday, 9 February 2015

Making a change: I joined the gym!

I am probably the most laziest person ever when it comes to exercise. It's not that i don't enjoy it when I'm there, its actually getting there that i find the problem! I have been rather ill as of late (seventh week in fact!) and after the umpteenth doctors appointment, she made a comment about my lifestyle. How if i was doing something, like exercise, i will be able to fight away bugs better. After, i was absolutely appalled that the doctor had the right to judge my lifestyle, the way i eat and how little exercise i do, i started to think that i wanted to be a bit more healthy. Not for her, but for me (i sent a very long email to my doctors about the comment she made and how it made me feel too! As if she had said that to someone who was really insecure about their weight then it could of had a completely different outcome).

So, i am a bit of a gym newbie. I have joined gyms before, and lasted about a month before i quit and got bored. I never brought any gym gear for that very reason too! However, this time, i have joined the gym with my boyfriend, so we can motivate each other to get off our lazy bums. I made sure i picked a gym which had everything that i wanted, a gym, classes, swimming pool and some cheeky extras such as a Jacuzzi, steam room, sauna. My last gym never did classes, or had a jacuzzi or any of the steam or sauna rooms, so this time i was determined to go all out!

As i have said, i am a gym newbie. So finding what to wear at the gym was a bit challenging! I spent five hours wondering around shops trying to find stuff that i wanted to wear. I already had trainers as i purchased them when i went running in the summer, but i just needed everything else. I may do a blog post showing you what i brought, in hope that it may help some of you!

But one thing i must mention...
Why do gym tops have to be made of lycra?! 
It clings to every imperfection on your body, and if like me, you don't have the perfect stomach, its definitely not something I'm gonna rush out and buy. So thats definitely something i found the hardest to purchase.

I may do a few blog posts in the future, of how i am getting on, mainly in hope you guys can keep me motivated!! As its a 12 month contract, so no getting out of this one. So keep your eyes pealed for what i ended up buying on my gym spending spree, i definitely tried to keep the cost down as much as possible.

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