Monday, 26 January 2015

My Perfume Collection

At this moment in time, i am very happy with my perfume collection so i wanted to share some treasures i own. I love having high market perfumes, as i generally use these on weekends, special occasions and whenever i am off out somewhere in the evening. However, i don't like to waste my nice expensive perfume for when i go to work! So there is a mix of both worlds!!

I love this fragrance, i think its great for all times of the year! It is also one i often reach for.

This is definitely my special occasion perfume. It has a very girly scent to it and i absolutely adore it!

I fell in love with this fragrance when i smelt it in the airport on the way to Disneyland Paris! I briefly mentioned it to my boyfriend and he very kindly brought it me for Christmas. So i haven't owned it very long, but boy, the bottle is pretty!

I have done a full review on the perfume. It smells amazing, and for the price it is amazing! You can buy this beauty for only £8! It is the perfect dupe for Lancome's La Vie Est Belle.

A few more budget perfumes, in my opinion, Zara has the best budget perfumes!

This is a very sweet, girly, summer fragrance. I don't generally lean towards majorly sweet scents but there is something about this one.

Zara - Rose Gold (not available online)
I smelt this one for the first time in New York City, so it will forever bring me back to that trip. This is more of a sophisticated scent. I have also read that it is a dupe for a Michael Kors perfume.

This is was my first budget perfume, and i have replaced it three times and i have a back up in my cupboard for when this one runs out! This is the perfect dupe of Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb'.

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  1. ooo I have never smelt any of the Zara perfumes ??? Going to keep my eyes open for these. xo x

    1. Oh, you must!! They are amazing, and such great value for money!

      Katie xx