Monday, 19 January 2015

First impressions: No7 Cleansing Brush

First impressions:
No7 Cleansing Brush

I received the No7 Cleansing Brush for Christmas, it came in a beautiful rose gold gift box (which my mum threw away - sob) with two other products, No7 melting gel cleanser and No7 night cream. I have always wanted to try and cleansing brush, and i had my eye on the clarisonic before i found out there was more budget ones out there. I haven't used it long enough to do a full review on it, but i thought i would give you my first impressions.

My skin: 
I would class my skin as normal, but it can sometimes go dry depending upon the weather and can be sensitive to some products. I have read that this product is not advisable for people with really sensitive skin, as i wouldn't class mine as really sensitive, i was eager to give it a go.

First impressions:

I decided to use the melting skin cleanser by No7 seeing as it was provided. I wasn't expecting too much from this but, oh my, it smells amazing. Really, truly amazing. 

I probably squeezed a bit too much out of the tube - oops! I then rubbed it all over my face (being careful not to get it in my eyes), it went on really well and felt nice on my skin.

I then wet the brush under some warm water and turned on the one switch...

I used small circular motions for 30 seconds, and it advises to focus on your forehead, cheeks and chin.

After it had been 30 seconds (or there abouts), i turned off the cleansing brush and washed off the cleanser with warm water. My skin felt ever so soft but my skin did look a little bit red after, this didn't last long though and went down within 15 minutes. 

The cleansing brush wasn't harsh on my skin and it didn't feel uncomfortable to use, the brush is the perfect size to fit into your hands. 

I would recommend:
  1. Tying your hair up with a hair bobble and even putting a hair band in your hair to stop little bits of hair getting in the way. As mine did and it kept getting stuck to my skin and tangled in the cleansing brush!
  2. Not to use this product if you have super sensitive skin. As i state above, i can have sensitive skin but i think its more highly perfumed products my face doesn't like!
  3. Looking out for it on offer! I have seen it go down to £15 before, also the Christmas gift set only cost £25 when the brush alone costs £24.95

I am extremely happy with this cleansing brush and i can not believe i was even contemplating purchasing the Clarisonic, which is more than four times the price! Let me know if you would like me to do a more in-depth review when i have had a proper play around with it for a few months.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, then please click on the name of the product below which is hyperlinked.

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  1. Great review it sounds amazing. xox

    1. Thank you, i am very pleased with it!

      Katie x