Thursday, 15 January 2015

Dr Bronner's Magic Soap with Zoeva Brushes

I am one of these girls, and i am sure i won't be alone in this, that hate washing their makeup brushes. I love when they are clean and look super pretty, but i just find the whole process so tedious. I have heard a lot of Dr Bronner's Magic Soap, and thought about purchasing it off the internet, but there was something that was stopping me. Probably my massive dislike for cleaning my brushes. I was wondering around TKMaxx a couple of weeks before Christmas and stubbled across it! It wasn't massively discounted, i paid £6 compared to £8.49, but a discount is a discount in my opinion. I picked up the scent 'Peppermint', after sniffing all the ones that were there, this was the one i most liked.

(Apologies for lighting in the pictures, it was be very dark and dull the last few days where i live!)

I have been using it for a while now and can not express my love for it enough! It takes all the hard work out of cleaning my brushes and they look amazing afterwards. All i have to do is rub a little bit of this into each brush, rinse it off under the tap and put it to dry - amazing!

I got some Zoeva Brushes for my birthday which i have been loving and using every single day since i got them! So i thought they were due there weekly deep clean..


(The brushes that are majorly dirty, i put in a  glass full of warm water and a bit of the soap and then come back to them last)


I also think i forgot to mention..

This smells so amazing!!!!

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  1. Great post, :)
    The dark nights are soooo annoying me right now I can't get a good picture ahhh xox

  2. What a great product!