Saturday, 2 January 2016

New Years Resolutions...

Happy New Year Everyone!

I have neglected my little blog over the past year, one of the main reasons was because i found it hard to juggle my dissertation workload as well as my blog. My main reason for setting up my blog was to have my own little space and an outlet that i could pour all my emotions into. It helped amazingly with my anxiety, whenever i felt down for anxious, this was the place i would come and it helped me get through it. 

I have now finished my third year and graduated! I now have a lot more times on my hands and i have come to realise that i miss my little blog and my outlet to anyone who is listening!! 

So here are my new years resolutions...

  1. Keep up to date and do not neglected my little blog! 
  2. Save, save, save! My boyfriend and me are hoping to buy a house this year and we need all the money we can get to live in the area we want to live in with a decent sized house
  3. For Christmas Nick (my boyfriend) brought me a 5 year journal, it was a question a day for 5 years and i am determined not to forget about it! 
  4. Get more adventurous with my cooking (the start of 2015 i didn't know how to cook, so i have come a long way so far - it came at the price of our microwave though that blew up in September!!)

Have you got any new years resolutions for 2016?

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