Friday, 22 January 2016

My little 'Pot of Dreams'

I have never been very good at saving money, especially when I already have a lot of money coming out. I don't have a fantastically paid job, I am pretty much on minimum wage, I have my car finance, phone bill, flat and food to pay for as well as general money to have a nice time on the weekends. I definitely know that I am not the only one in this position which is what lead me to write this blog post. My partner and myself are looking at buying a house within the next year, but we have been advised to save up a fair amount of money before this happens to pay for things like stamp duty, or to decorate. I have found a few ways that really help when saving a bit of money without feeling like I am leaving myself short.

I invested in a little piggy bank called a 'Pot of Dreams' where it states if you fill it up to the top with £2 coins then you'll have £1000! You also have to smash the piggy bank in order to get the money out - so no stealing from your own fund! I have however adapted the £2 scheme slightly in order to save more. I still put £2 coins in whenever I get them but I have also started to put notes in as well. I sometimes babysit so the money I get for that will often end up in there too.

I found that I don't generally realise that I am saving money because its only £2 here and there. But every little helps and every little adds up. I am also really excited when the time comes to smash it so I can see how much I have saved!

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