Thursday, 12 March 2015

How to be dissertation organised!

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In my last post i mentioned how much of a failure i had been in regards to my blog over recent weeks. If you haven't read it, then its mainly down to the simple fact, i am coming towards the end of my third and final year at University!

I have very recently began to organise my self, especially my dissertation and even though they may seem simple, i thought i would share them with you anyway.

So, lets try and be Dissertation and assignment organised in 10 easy steps..

    1. Produce a list (oh, i do love lists!) of all the things you need to do, the deadlines they need to be in by. Put them in date order, and you can then tick them off as you go along.

    2. Produce a separate list for your Dissertation. It is easy to think you have ages, but when you realise how much work you have to do, you will be stressing out! Break it up into sections. This is what mine looks like:
  • Chapter one 22nd Jan
  • Chapter two 20th Feb
  • Chapter three 13th March
  • Methodolgy 27th March
  • Introduction and Conclusion 10th April
My Dissertation however, is not due in to the 7th of May, but remember to leave time to get it bound up, and enough time to tweak anything thats not right!

    3. Write your reference list as you go along! This will save you so much time towards the end.

    4. Do your research before you start. I never do this with assignments, and it helped so much when              it came towards my dissertation. It didn't feel like i was writing so much and it didn't feel like it was taking so much time because i had already done the research and gathered my quotes.

   5. Do your Introduction last, this will then make sure it is specific to what you are taking about.

   6. Find the place, how long they will take and the price it will cost to bind up your Dissertation.

   7. Highlight anything that is important, so it is easy to find again if you need it.

   8. Find out what works for you. Everybody works differently and at differently paces.

   9. Dont stress out, for me, thats the worst thing i can do! As then i wont get any work done because i am so emotional and stressed out. If you have everything written done and set yourself little deadlines, you can keep on track and see how much time you've got to do things.

  10. PLAN AHEAD! I can not stress how much this will help!

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  1. Best of luck with everything Katie, I know you're gonna shine no matter what! These tips are so good, can imagine they'd get anyone dissertation organised after just a quick read through! So fab that you're getting ahead of yourself and planning so well, it will pay off for you and give you the results you deserve, I know it <3

    Sophie | soinspo xo